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CJ replied to topic Rice Cereal = Wind?

Hi! I have had 2 windy boys (3yrs & 8mth) that had really bad wind & tummy aches as newborns and bubs. I waited til 6 months to start them both on solids and when I did I gave rice cereal mixed...

Tuesday 11 July 05:29pm

CJ replied to topic Any one else?

Hi! I bought the Practical Parenting mag the other day & there was this really neat product in there called Safe T Sleep. It works kind of like a change mat with straps to hold baby on except it'...

Wednesday 18 January 05:25pm

CJ replied to topic Infant Panadol

Have you tried something like Infants Friend or Infacol for the colic? I used Infants Friend for my oldest(2.75yrs) & am using it for my newborn(9.5wks) and it really does help. You can also use ...

Monday 16 January 07:48pm

CJ replied to topic not attaching desperate help

Hi! Both my SIL & I had to actually hold & shape our nipples for our bubs to feed properly. I have large breasts & the weight from them actually kept pulling the nipple out of position so I had t...

Saturday 14 January 12:54pm

CJ started new topic Ashton Levi!!!!

Ashton Levi Jones was born on the 8th November, at 11:35am weighing 6lb2.5oz, 2.795kg (1wk early) - c-sec. He's 46.5cm tall, & his head measures 33cm round. Mum, Dad & big brother Seth are all ex...

Saturday 26 November 12:42pm

CJ started new topic Recovering from 2nd c-sec, toddy & colicy newborn, Any tips on how to divide time?

Hi, Any encouraging words on recovering from a 2nd c-sec with a toddler would be great. I've just been diagnosed with an infection in my uterus & am having quite a bit of pain because of it. M...

Thursday 24 November 07:02pm

CJ started new topic Feeding 2-3hrly, c-sec recovery & a toddler too?

Hi girls, my little poppit is only 12days old & I know he's prbably just settling in at home but he was so great in the hospital! He fed 6hrly (occ. 3hrly but not often). SInce we've been home ...

Sunday 20 November 01:44pm

CJ started new topic November 2005 Babies

Hi girls hope you find this ok! Can't wait to continue our adventures here!

Saturday 05 November 08:19pm

CJ replied to topic Breasts No Longer Sore

Hi! I had sore breasts @ 3wks with my first & with this one it didn't kick in until I was 10wks & didn't last for very long at all. I wouldn't be too stressed about it, but if you are get your do...

Tuesday 25 October 04:14pm

CJ replied to topic Hospital Bag

Hi! Here's a list of things I've got packed in my bag: Early maternity clothes for me - your stomach doesn't go straight away & you may be as big as you were at around 25wks so don't put in your ...

Tuesday 11 October 11:43am

CJ started new topic What does it feel like when baby's engaged?

Hi! Just wondering what it feels like when bubs is engaged. I'm getting alot of low (at the tip og my pubic bone) pelvic pain & can't roll over or walk without it hurting. I felt like some one...

Tuesday 11 October 11:10am

CJ replied to topic breast pumps

Hello! I bought the Nuk battery opereated pump & used it so much that my SIL got one too, & also another friend of ours. It's small about the size of your palm & just fits onto the top of the b...

Thursday 25 August 02:57pm

CJ started new topic Help!!!!Who should support me at the birth?

I've got a bit of a dilemma. The hubby: He was really good during my 1st delivery (my only support) until I had the epidural......I was leaning over a pillow hanging onto him for dearlife when h...

Saturday 20 August 10:39am

CJ replied to topic ceasarean - epidural or general?

Hello! I had my little boy with an epidural 2.5yrs ago & it was fantastic! I had never had any kind of op before so I was really terrified of the whole ordeal but I wouldn't have it any other way...

Saturday 20 August 10:14am

CJ replied to topic how much weight did u put on?

Hi! I put on between 16-20kgs with my little boy. I went from 45kgs - 60+ & stopped weighing myself because I thought it was too much. I lost it all Bar 3kgs within the first 6wks of breastfeedi...

Tuesday 02 August 03:36pm

CJ replied to topic How many weeks were you before you began to show?

Hi! I was 10wks with my little boy - around 16wks with a definate prego bump. With this one it's only been recently(I'm 25wks now) - around 22wks when everyone strated to catch on. Although my p...

Tuesday 02 August 03:24pm

CJ replied to topic Dry skin.

Hello!!! How are you feeling?? I had really dry skin from 3-20wks with this pregnancy (nothing at all with Seth!) & I found make up or moisturisers even soap would aggrovate it. I spoke to my mi...

Tuesday 02 August 03:18pm

CJ replied to topic Having a boy?

Hi! I think that's a great name! Goodluck with your birth, hope all goes well! Do you have a girls name just in case? Take care!

Tuesday 02 August 03:05pm

CJ replied to topic mum choosing which nappies to use!!

Hi! I intended to use cloth at home & disposables when out & then realised all the cloth nappies I had wre way too big for my little ones tiny butt. So we ended up with disposables. Now that I'm...

Friday 29 July 04:59pm

CJ replied to topic Mddle Names?

Hi! Boys J Names that I love: Jairus - Jai Jackson - Jack Girls J names: Jorja Jakota Joss I hope these are of some help!

Friday 29 July 04:53pm
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