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tweedon replied to topic Anyones Kids Started School This Year?

hi bec, my son started kindy this and he loves it too. no tears from either of us. he seems to be settling in and looks forward to going everyday. lets see how long that lasts. Kai will be 6 in july.

Friday 06 February 04:43pm

tweedon replied to topic febrile convolsions

Hi Michelle, How old was you daughter when the fits started? I have had a hard time dealing with the fact that the doctors say it's normal. I just keep telling myself that she"ll probably be runn...

Monday 02 February 08:21am

tweedon replied to topic How young is too young for getting babies ears pierced

i think the choice should be up to the parent. i had my daughters done just before her first birthday. we had no dramas,no infection, she never touched them but best of all she on cried for 2 minut...

Friday 30 January 10:58am

tweedon replied to topic febrile convolsions

hi bigmama, our peadiatrician has shown me what to do and what position to put her in when she fits. last time she had a fit she was sitting in her highchair and had just finished tea and it start...

Wednesday 28 January 02:08pm

tweedon replied to topic jolly jummpers and walkers

i used both with my 2 childen and both have developed fine. i think they are fine to use as long as they are supervised and not left alone.

Tuesday 27 January 06:51am

tweedon replied to topic Second time around

hi zoe, i found that with my second i was more scared because i knew what was going to happen. i had a long drawn out first labour (3 doses of gel to soften cervix & 10 hours of labour)with gas and...

Tuesday 27 January 06:45am

tweedon replied to topic just found out. dont know where to start

congrats! my advice is not to listen to any one who tries to scare you about the birth or tell horrible stories. each pregnacy, birth and child are first pregnacy i got gall stones at ...

Tuesday 27 January 06:38am

tweedon replied to topic We made a big mistake

i had both my kids sleep in a bassinette next to my bed for 4-6 weeks. are you breast feeding or is he on the bottle. i breastfed only my daughter and i found that if they can smell you they sleep ...

Tuesday 27 January 06:19am

tweedon replied to topic formula to cows milk

hi, i added some boiled water to both of my kids milk bottles the get them use to it. then after a few days reduced the water. i only did this as to make sure they didn't get constipated. my son w...

Tuesday 27 January 06:09am

tweedon replied to topic When do I give up the bottle?

my daughter is nearly 2, she still has 1 or 2 bottle of milk, a day 1 in the morning and 1 at bed time she also has several cups of water or juice a day. i too don't like to see older kids with bot...

Tuesday 27 January 06:04am

tweedon replied to topic When should i start solids?

hi lidia, i started both my kids on solids at 6-8 weeks. both were good size babies and neither had any problems. it helped them sleep better and were generally more content with a full tummy. if y...

Tuesday 27 January 05:53am

tweedon replied to topic Dad don't want no more!

i agree with jacmad. i thought i only wanted 1 child and so did my husband, it never even came into my mind to try for a second until my husband decided he wanted another child. i fell quickly and...

Tuesday 27 January 05:37am

tweedon replied to topic how many of you???

it is true. my mum had 4 new grandchildrew in 2002, 2 girls ( 1 in april and 1 in may) and 2 boys (both in september- 14 hrs apart). each is completely different. some walk at 8 mtns others at 14 m...

Tuesday 27 January 05:25am

tweedon replied to topic febrile convolsions

hi big mama, there is no history of epilepsy in our family.with every convolsion she has a high temp of 38-39, mouth goes blue,froths at the mouth, eyes rollback, sometimes makes a weird noise(grun...

Tuesday 27 January 05:01am

tweedon started new topic febrile convolsions

Hi, My daughter has a febrile convolsions nearly everytime she gets sick: whether it be a cold or cuts a tooth.she has seen a peadiatrician, we were told that she will be intelectually normal and ...

Monday 26 January 09:06pm

tweedon replied to topic dilema help advice needed

your not alone. i feel the same way too. i feel that i never get time to do what i want. my partner works so he gets a break from the kids, however i am with them 24 7. i love them and they mean th...

Monday 26 January 03:57pm

tweedon replied to topic Help mummy has a new baby

i felt the same when i had my second child too. my son was so good for me until his sister came along. i think the childs age has something to do with it as well as jelousy. my son was nearly 4 and...

Monday 26 January 03:43pm

tweedon replied to topic Toddler Beds

i have 2 children, both of which have used small toddler beds. my son had a little tikes racing car bed which was fantastic. he used it for 3 years, untill he got too tall. my daughter went into a ...

Sunday 25 January 07:39am

tweedon replied to topic Learning to Speak

My daughter is 20 months, and she can say several words but tends not to. She gets her message across without speaking. My friends have babies around the same age and they all say different words a...

Wednesday 21 January 03:59pm
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