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snowangel replied to topic parents nagging..

well my son is 22months old now and when he has a wet nappy he grabs himself but with a poo he doesnt cuz well i smell it but at night when he has bath i take off his nappy and put him on his pott...

Thursday 25 March 10:53am

snowangel replied to topic 13 month old starting daycare

my 21month old son went to day care this morning i walked down at 11:15am i planned him to stay til 2:30pm as he has never been around other kids or away from me,the woman walked him out side while...

Wednesday 17 March 04:00pm

snowangel replied to topic 14 month old daughter keeps hitting mummy. HELP need advice please...

well when she hits u smack her hand firmyl and say no naughty and ignore her for 5mins,and atnight put her in cit with dummy or bottle and say goodnight and leave her,she cries cuz she knows u will...

Wednesday 17 March 01:01pm

snowangel replied to topic WHEN R THEY READY??

hi since no one else has replied i the sounds of it she is ready as she is telling u when she uses bowl movements buy a cheap potty and start asking if she wants to use the big kids potty ...

Tuesday 16 March 10:57am

snowangel started new topic parents nagging..

hi im a single mum with a 20month old son i live at home with parents cuz i cant afford to pay rent,get food,pay bills and buy son things so i rent with parents but you see my parents said"i`ll get...

Friday 12 March 06:49pm

snowangel replied to topic Playmates

yeah hi was wondering any children around my sons age 20months old in broken hill nsw...i know no-one..thanx..if so email me

Friday 27 February 05:33pm

snowangel replied to topic Young Mums

hi karen,names katie i was 20 when i feel pregnant my bf and i had broken up,we still dont talk or nothing i dont want him in my life he is on sex child chargers,be strong and stay positive,at time...

Friday 27 February 04:57pm

snowangel replied to topic Young Mums

hi carla,names katie i have a almost 2 yr old son,i was 20 when feel pregant i really wasnt ready as my bf and i broke up before i found out i was pregnant and was with another woman so i didnt tel...

Friday 27 February 04:52pm
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