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Suz01 started new topic ideas for present for 3 yr old

I went shopping for my DS today but cant really find anything new and exciting that he doesnt already have something similar too.... Just looked in Kmart & Target. Anyone got any ideas?? What ar...

Friday 06 April 03:53pm

Suz01 replied to topic Hi new to Quakers Hill area, anyone else from around Here

Hi Kylie, I live in Quakers Hill too... Where abouts are you? I have a nearly 3 year old boy. Suz.

Saturday 31 March 08:07am

Suz01 started new topic Please tell me what u think....

I told my friend the other day that i wasnt going to playgroup the next day - which is normally 9am - 11am... He said to ok, I'll come over in the morning then. He has an toddler. What time would ...

Monday 26 February 07:17am

Suz01 started new topic ebay

Just wondering if any Mums out there have bought bulk stuff to resell on ebay?? And where do u find it? I keep getting dodgy emails from companies in China, its so tempting but am sure they must b...

Saturday 10 February 12:05pm

Suz01 replied to topic toddlers waking

My 2 1/2 year old has started doing this too, after sleeping thru since about 8 months. He always says mummy dont leave me, and does have a nightmare i think as he gets upset that he cant see, wa...

Thursday 08 February 05:51pm

Suz01 started new topic bum shufflers

Just wondering if there are any bum shufflers out there, and what age did they start this, and what age, if they have yet, started walking!! Thanks!!

Monday 22 January 08:11am

Suz01 replied to topic What Kind Of Pillow ...

I found a pillow at Big W especially for young children... A normal size pillow, just quite flat and soft.

Monday 08 January 04:05pm

Suz01 replied to topic 2.5yr old wanting to co-sleep with new baby on the way

Hi there... I am not pregnant, but I have the same problem with my 2 1/2 year old son... He has been a wonderful sleeper since he was 8 or so months, 12 hours a night and nowdays 2 hours day sleep....

Tuesday 02 January 08:00pm

Suz01 started new topic How much carbs?

Hi there, My son has multiple food allergies & is on a fairly limited diet. He doesnt seem to have many carbs, he is very active, and quite slim. I had a comment from someone over christmas that...

Saturday 30 December 02:26pm

Suz01 replied to topic intolerances and fussy eater

If its an intolerance not an allergy, perhaps your daughter can tolerate some avacado??? Not an expert tho, my son has allergies not intolerances so I have to totally avoid things. But my Mum has ...

Saturday 30 December 02:21pm

Suz01 started new topic Change in 2 1/2 year old sleeps

Hi, My son has been in his big bed for about a month. The first 2 weeks were great, then he started getting out and running out of his room, thinking its a joke. I put him back, up to 2 hours som...

Saturday 30 December 02:19pm

Suz01 started new topic big bed success

I just wanted to share that I have been stressing about putting my son into a big bed, he is 2 1/2, and very attached to his cot, and his sleeping bag and everything that goes with the cot. Howeve...

Tuesday 05 December 04:24pm

Suz01 replied to topic ** ANY MUM'S IN KINGS PARK ??? **

Hi there, We are trying to get a group together in Quakers Hill, if u want to meet up with us we are meeting next Wednesday at 9am at the park on Barnier Road... My son is 2.5 also, and Cheryl who ...

Thursday 30 November 11:07am

Suz01 replied to topic Mums with a toddler & a newborn in Castle Hill & Surrounding areas

Hi Lisa, I dont have a newborn, but I do have a very active toddler, AND I am a KIWI... I have been here 4 1/2 years tho. I'd love to meet up, I still get very homesick. My email is [email protected]

Friday 17 November 07:32pm

Suz01 started new topic rach74, ashtons mum

Hi guys... I've got my computer back and I cant get into Our Retreat using the link thats posted here any more or any of the links from the history on my pc... Whats happening? Thanks, Suz

Thursday 02 November 08:21pm

Suz01 replied to topic Am I a old mum or a young mum

Hi Jodie, Wow 6 kids!!! I too am 35 and wonder how that happened. I have just the one child, 2 years old and certainly dont feel like an 'old mum'... Perhaps we shouldnt have the old and young ...

Friday 29 September 11:07am

Suz01 started new topic Quakers Hill....

Hi, Is there anyone in Quakers Hill interesting in meeting at a park or something? I am shifting there in a few weeks and would love to meet some Mums. I have a 2 yr old son Would love to hea...

Thursday 21 September 05:27pm

Suz01 replied to topic Allergic to Dairy - won't eat properly

Hi there, My 2 yr old is allergic to eggs and wheat and numerous fruits & other things... He is also fussy about trying new things. And he will also only eat bananas. He was allergic to dairy al...

Friday 18 August 05:59pm

Suz01 replied to topic Divorce

Heaps of people have looked at this but no-one has posted.... is there really noone else out there that is going thru a divorce or seperation??? If not lucky u guys Anyway hoping someone posts s...

Thursday 17 August 06:58am

Suz01 started new topic Divorce

Hi... Anyone in the middle of a divorce or about to, or recently divorced??? I am seperated 8 months now and we still havent sold our house or seperated up the furniture etc. My ex is living in o...

Saturday 12 August 06:48am
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