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KazNat replied to topic controlled crying technique

Hi. We have a 21 mth old who would only fall asleep in our arms this was happening up until he was 18mths of age. It took us a good 2/3 weeks of comfort crying to get him in his cot without a hassl...

Tuesday 16 December 09:29pm

KazNat replied to topic Mother and father at the end of thier tether with toddlers not sleeping

Hi. I am a mum of a 21 mth old boy who at 18 mths old was still falling asleep in our arms and then put into his cot. He would get hysterical if we put him into his cot awake. We did the comfort cy...

Tuesday 16 December 09:21pm

KazNat replied to topic looking for new friends

Hi. I am a 32 yr old mum of a 21mth old boy. I am in a mums grp but the other ch'n except 1 are girls-not that it matters at this age, but would like to maybe meet a few other mums with boys around...

Tuesday 16 December 08:54pm
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