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ashmummy started new topic What would you do about irritating nappies?

Hi ladies, I have previously tried using a particular nappy for my bub but it gave him a terrible nappy rash. So back to huggies we went. Now, just yesterday I purchased another kind of nappy tha...

Wednesday 31 March 08:21pm

ashmummy replied to topic Fighting the Bottle

It probably is uncomfortable for him but being in Mums arms makes everything seem better!

Monday 15 March 10:30pm

ashmummy replied to topic breastmilk from a bottle trouble

I have this problem too. My 5 1/2 month old will only have up to 60ml of ebm when his really hungry and only from and avent bottle. I found the avent teets were wider more like a breast. Still he h...

Monday 15 March 10:24pm

ashmummy replied to topic Breastmilk Storage

One thing I can tell you is dont freeze the milk in icecube trays, I tried that after hearing about it....the milk is so sticky that when it freezes is impossible to get out of the trays!! Very ann...

Monday 15 March 10:17pm

ashmummy replied to topic what age do u put bud from bassinet to cot

Its entirely dependant on when you are ready to put your baby in the cot. I have had my son in bed with me since birth as it made it easier for the nightly breastfeeds. Just last week I put him in ...

Wednesday 10 March 09:46pm

ashmummy replied to topic too big or not

I wouldnt worry about the doctors comments. My doctor told me his really worried about my sons weight and told me he was going to report me to childrens a joke!! My son has been off...

Wednesday 10 March 09:24pm

ashmummy replied to topic french girls names

Hi Virgine I like Ines, is it pronounces In-ez?

Monday 01 March 10:41pm

ashmummy replied to topic frequent waking during night crying?

Hi Newmum My 5 month old usually wakes twice for feeds during the night but will occasionally wake 5 times or more. If your bub is still asleep when his crying you can either try ignoring him for a...

Monday 01 March 09:43pm

ashmummy replied to topic How old is too old to rock to sleep?

I too made the mistake of rocking my 5 month old to sleep in his im regretting it. Even if I do get him into bed asleep he will wake up and want to go in the bouncer...only when his b...

Monday 01 March 09:37pm

ashmummy replied to topic WHEN DO BABIES START TO TEETHE ?

Thanks Larnie Im thinking about putting them in the u even wash the toys with rattles and bells in them in the machine?

Monday 01 March 09:32pm

ashmummy replied to topic bells recommended for 3 month old....

cant remember sorry..i think they were based in holland

Monday 01 March 09:30pm

ashmummy replied to topic When do babies start to laugh

My son is 5 months old and has been laughing for about 1 month. If your bub is doing big smiles I bet she is just building up to have a big laugh with you soon! I found that I laughed alot when pla...

Monday 01 March 09:27pm

ashmummy replied to topic Pig sty's???

Hi Storm Im glad to hear its on the mend..those saline drops are really great for heaps of things..I have been putting a couple of drops up Ashleighs nose to clear it out while he has a cold so the...

Monday 01 March 09:24pm

ashmummy replied to topic Switching formulas

Hi Lara Im glad Tayla's colic is improving..I bet in another couple of weeks it will pass completely. I am trying to get Ash into the feed, play, sleep routine....lets just say Im sure he knows wha...

Sunday 29 February 01:49pm

ashmummy replied to topic Pig sty's???

Hi Storm, I have never heard of these..are they stys in the eyes? I would recommend calling the Maternal Child Health line 13 22 29 and see if they have any advice for you...that numbers for Vic. D...

Sunday 29 February 01:26pm

ashmummy replied to topic toothbrushes?

Hi My baby doesnt have teeth yet so Im not speaking from experience. But I heard that when they are still really little and using a toothbrush might be a bit awkward you can just wipe their teeth ...

Sunday 29 February 01:22pm

ashmummy replied to topic premmie baby 14 weeks too early

Congratulations Kaz, I have often checked your post to see how your babies going and I am really happy to hear that your home and doing so well!! It upset me about that horrible woman in the super...

Thursday 26 February 11:06pm

ashmummy replied to topic new in Melbourne/looking for friends

Hi Virginie, Have you joined a play group? I had a pamphlet here but now I have lost can get a number from your local Maternal Child Health Centre. They will hook you up with a group of m...

Thursday 26 February 10:57pm

ashmummy replied to topic Stretchmarks

I have heard about this stuff called Bio Oil...havent tried it but it sure sounds good!

Thursday 26 February 10:48pm

ashmummy replied to topic Should I feel guilty?

You definately shouldnt feel guilty..your doing something that will help give you and your baby a better life! I have a 5 month old and have just gone back to study 1 day per week...I miss him like...

Thursday 26 February 10:46pm
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