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Member872027 replied to topic Mimco nappy bags?

Em-Bubble wrote: So i havent had a child in 8yrs lol I am preg with our 3rd. And all over again its like im a new mother with no idea of brands and the latest this and that. Ive fallen in love wit...

Tuesday 19 January 01:13am

Member872027 replied to topic Working safely

I think that you should know better what substances you come into contact with during work, how volatile and harmful they are, what kind of physical activity you have. If there is no contact with h...

Monday 28 December 11:58pm

Member872027 replied to topic Causes of Hives During Pregnancy

This is all true, but to treat the problem, you need to accurately determine the cause, and it is best to do this at an appointment with a dermatologist.

Tuesday 17 November 02:47am

Member872027 started new topic My experience in choosing a car seat for a child

Hello! We have been looking for a quality child car seat for a long time and this was a real problem. The first one, which was purchased, broke down in less than a month. Whether in general the qua...

Monday 19 October 08:54pm

Member872027 replied to topic Vacation away without 10 month old

A child at this age does not remember anything yet. Therefore, trains are more stress for you than for a child.

Friday 02 October 12:20am

Member872027 replied to topic Just dropping a note introducing myself.

George Gibson wrote: Hi, I'm George Grew up in Hessen, Laubach, Germany. In March 2017 i joined the military and started my Army Nurse Corps career or ANC as a clinical assistant nurse positio...

Tuesday 15 September 12:41am

Member872027 replied to topic Coronavirus wedding

Member278634 wrote: I want to connect my life with my bride. I already proposed to her and she said yes. We have one problem. How to make a wedding under quarantine and restrictions. I am waiting f...

Tuesday 15 September 12:35am

Member872027 replied to topic How many times have you seen a midwife/obstetrician from your hospital?

That's definitely strange. I've seen my doctor at least once in 2 weeks during my first pregnancy. I am sure they should answer you the moment you call or write back. You should start to ...

Wednesday 19 August 09:14pm

Member872027 replied to topic Reusable Breast Milk Bags

I thought about it sometime before. I even had some researches. But for our pity, there is no real alternative. I have always been keen on using some paper or cloth bags. Hope it's going to fi...

Tuesday 18 August 11:48pm

Member872027 replied to topic The baby doesn't eat well. Digestive problems?

I had and still have really a similar situation with my daughter. Sometimes I think that she eats the energy of the sun or wind. It's absolutely okay because I was the same in my childhood. No...

Tuesday 11 August 02:02am
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