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bizzymum started new topic She knows the alphabet

I would just like to brag about my DD , she turns 3 in may and this week learnt the alphabet, Id sung it to her a couple of times last week , but she didnt seem interested , but yesterday while pla...

Wednesday 17 January 01:26am

bizzymum replied to topic Medicare savings at tax time for large medical bills

Hi , Yes i spent 3500 on my teeth in may and was able to claim that on DHs tax , not sure what the return was , maybe 600 odd dollars, i was told to keep all medical receipts and persciptions that...

Friday 03 November 02:20am

bizzymum replied to topic Moving with 2 babies! Interstate! Too the mines prob in WA. Im scared!

Hi my sister hubby works in the mines , at the moment her and the kids live in perth and he works two on one off, it works for them , he is a supervisor and gets around 110 thousand , so she says ,...

Sunday 29 October 01:31am

bizzymum replied to topic THE WORD ON GOOD AND BAD GOD PARENTS.

Hi I am a godmother to two children, one i dont see very often at all ,and i hate her mother with a passion, but i was there for her when she was young and i was only a teenager myself when asked,w...

Sunday 22 October 10:35pm

bizzymum replied to topic tooth missing+ 1 extra

My neice didt not get her first tooth untill she was about 14-18 months old, not sure if she has more or less , but they will come down when they are ready

Saturday 21 October 10:37pm

bizzymum replied to topic CHOICE shonky awards

Well i must say the apple ipod does suck , My son has had 2 in 6 months , yes thats 600 dollars , the first one, the screen cracked , but they wouldnt repair it , saying he must have dropped it or ...

Saturday 21 October 02:20am

bizzymum replied to topic Hot weather coming - rolls showing

you think youve got it bad , we got a pool put in a couple of months ago , and everytime i look at it , i wonder if they make board shorts long enough to cover my fat knees,Im way to fat this summe...

Thursday 28 September 11:33pm

bizzymum replied to topic christmas shopping

i was smart this year ,over the last month everytime i went to the shops i picked a pressie for someone , now im half way done , woolworths have some pretty cool toys going cheap,i bought a drum ...

Thursday 28 September 04:23pm

bizzymum started new topic Young Child Dentist in Perth Needed

Hi My DD took a fall 10 days ago pushing her top teeth through her bottom lip and splitting her top gum badly, Today she pumped her face again and knocked the tooth right out , Im now worried abo...

Tuesday 19 September 12:12am

bizzymum replied to topic Starting High School

my son is in year 9 this year , but when he started high school last year i was so worried , but he loves it . He didnt go to the canteen the 1st year but now goes every day, Im sure your son will ...

Thursday 07 September 12:08am

bizzymum replied to topic Nearly 3 years old, won't eat fruit & vege's?

Hi i have no advice , i just thought id let you know that your not alone, my DD was 2 in may ,and very rarly eats dinner , she does eat nugget meal when bought the only things that she will eat are...

Thursday 07 September 12:03am

bizzymum replied to topic 2nd bday + preg

Hi i was pregnant with #2 when DD had her first birthday ,But for 2nd birthday i hired a bouncy castle ,that way kids all ages had something to do and i didnt have to organise games and stuff to ke...

Saturday 02 September 12:29am

bizzymum replied to topic Scrapbooking Forum - For the Scrappers out there

My DH brought 273. dollars worth of scapbooking stuff for my birthday in june , and i havent even started, cant get organised enough. One day .

Wednesday 30 August 11:57pm

bizzymum replied to topic poeple think im doing the wrong thing

Hi believe it or not today my DD was a monster at shopping I dont usually do my big shop after playgroup but today i did ,buy the time we got half wat through she wanted to stand in the trolley bu...

Saturday 26 August 12:03am

bizzymum replied to topic Not feeling so super!!!!

Hi joshnic I wouldnt feel to bad not everyone on here has a career to fall back on, I had my first child at 21 then at 24 i was a single mother when kyle went to school i was asked buy the staff a...

Thursday 24 August 11:54pm

bizzymum replied to topic How hard is it really ?!?!

Hi Sarah congratulations first up. That person who said you dont really know what its like to be a parent untill you have two , i would kinda agree with , I have a 12yr gap so Kyle was an only ch...

Thursday 24 August 12:49pm

bizzymum replied to topic Am i borderline PND or just a normal mum!

No i dont think your nuts , I have a 2yr nearly 1 yr and a nearly 14yr old , beside doing the shopping that was it for me , its hard work looking after little ones and sometimes i go nuts, Im a yel...

Saturday 19 August 12:51am

bizzymum replied to topic Is my child normal

Hi vanessa Normal what is normal .. I have a DD who 2yrs 3months and a DS 11months ,and she is very rough with him, if he has something of hers she,ll rugby takle him to take it back or push her ...

Saturday 19 August 12:22am

bizzymum replied to topic CARS merchandise

Hi In our kmart in perth they have made a huge section on cars ,dora all the main fads at the moment ,there not in the toy section .Try asking the chick that stands at the front of the store, Hope...

Friday 18 August 12:13am

bizzymum replied to topic ABC Kids Television

we have channel 21 .it can be great , especially when ive had enough of Hi5, 10am -3pm for digital

Thursday 17 August 03:20pm
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