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Jacqui2 replied to topic 13 months & not crawling !!!!

I wouldn't say you have it easy at all and although I don't know anyone in the same situation I believe you would be extremely frustrating. Please don't take this the wrong way but have you been d...

Thursday 25 May 10:21am

Jacqui2 replied to topic finally!

Congratulations!!!! I makes a difference doesn't it? Will it last? isn't that the million dollar question. unfortunately I can't tell you but I do wish you all the best for tonight and the future

Thursday 11 May 08:12am

Jacqui2 started new topic Cross Cutting?

Riley is 19wks and been teething on and off for about a month. I looked into his mouth today and saw that the white buds are very visable on the bottom two front teeth but the tooth to the side loo...

Friday 28 April 03:01pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic IM SO XCITED!!!

HE'S ON THE MOVE!!!! Watch out Thats so good, it's onwards and upwards from here on. Enjoy it, it goes so fast. congrats on the good news Jacqui x

Saturday 22 April 03:01pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic Sorry just have to brag....

YIPPEE! That's great, I tend to think that the first tooth is the hardest too but I can only go by my first....second one has just started teething so we'll have to see how that goes. Anyhoo congr...

Saturday 22 April 02:59pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic Baby and studying, anyone?

Hello I returned to study when my first was 18mths old at TAFE and did my division 2 nursing which was great but I like you want to complete my nursing...To complete my div. one it will be reduced ...

Saturday 22 April 01:19pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic Do you fight in front of the Children with DH/DP

I have to say that DH and I don't really fight, sounds like bull but we tend to go quiet on each other when we are peeved and we are pretty intune to what is wrong with the other. It's probably wor...

Saturday 22 April 11:47am

Jacqui2 replied to topic Dyson anyone?

I was lucky enough to be given one by my parents for christmas a few years back but I know they are expensive. I have to say I absolutly love it and wouldn't hesitate in paying for another one but ...

Saturday 22 April 10:03am

Jacqui2 replied to topic Pain In groin area

Hello Corrie, It sounds like you have pelvic instability. I too had the same pain through both my prgnancies. Only one in 36 women get it. There isn't much you can do except ask a professional and ...

Friday 21 April 03:31pm

Jacqui2 started new topic pregnant on mini pill

Hello, I had by son on the 14th Dec. 2005 and have been on the mini pill since he was 6 weeks. I have not had my period return and am breast feeding. I have had trouble taking it on time but am tak...

Thursday 20 April 02:30pm

Jacqui2 started new topic earche

My 3 /12 year old is getting over a common cold and this afternoon is complaining of an ear ache. It's to late to get a Dr appointment today and I don't know how serious it is. can ear aches come a...

Wednesday 19 April 02:42pm

Jacqui2 started new topic ear ache

My 3 1/2 year old son is just getting over a common cold when today he complained of an ear ache. It was 3pm before he started to complain, not sure how serious it is and cannot get to the Dr till ...

Wednesday 19 April 02:13pm

Jacqui2 started new topic Sensitive skin and teething

Hello, My 4mth old Riley has started teething, YIPPEE! His cheeks are a lovely rosy colour but are also very dry. He has very sensitive skin and I don't want to cause any reactions. Has anyone else...

Wednesday 19 April 11:23am

Jacqui2 replied to topic Severe Acne

Hello I had really bad acne while I was pregnant, someone put me on to a benzac face wash that you can get from most chemists. It contains benzol poroxide and I found it fantastic. Hope it works fo...

Friday 14 April 07:38pm

Jacqui2 started new topic 3 1/2 eats like a sparrrow

Hello, My 3 1/2 year old son Caleb was a good eater and now he's getting progressivly worse to the point that it takes him 1-2hrs to eat breakky on his own. He knows how to use cutlery, but just wo...

Friday 14 April 07:40am

Jacqui2 replied to topic 3 weeks and only 2.5-3 hrs sleep then feed

Hello My youngest son now 17wks is doing well now but at the same age he was feeding every 2 hrs day and night, drove me up the wall as my first wasn't like that and i was tired from looking after ...

Thursday 13 April 02:07pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic Post baby jelly belly

I have pelvic instability and for that reason I am also limited in the exercise that I can do but the physio told me about abdominal bracing this i'm sure is like pilates when sitting or standing t...

Thursday 13 April 01:56pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic December 05 Babies

Well the 4mth immunisation has just been completed and not without tears. I thought it would get easier with the second child and the second time around but my heart still aches when I see that lit...

Thursday 13 April 09:44am

Jacqui2 replied to topic how big is ur bub?

My bubba boy is 17weeks and weighs a whopping 7.8kg and is 64cm tall. he has been smiling for weeks now and starting to chuckle. he rolls to his side and from belly to back. i can't believe how qui...

Wednesday 12 April 12:47pm

Jacqui2 replied to topic Babies due date vs Babies actual birth date

Hi there, 1st boy (Caleb) EDD: 18th Nov 2002 born 29th Nov 2002 10 days overdue 2nd boy (Riley) EDD: 4th Dec 2005 born 14th Dec 2004 10 days overdue the second felt so much longer because everyo...

Wednesday 12 April 08:22am
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