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briannas mum

briannas mum replied to topic married but feel like you are a single parent!

hi there, i thought i was the only one having a partner who is not helping much. Before we had our daughter he was so excited and we were planning how will share everything around the house includ...

Monday 15 May 09:50am
briannas mum

briannas mum replied to topic 18 month who won't sleep!!!

Hi Julijana, I have the same problem with my 18 mths old daughter. She used to sleep so well on her own in her own cot, but that cahnged from one day to the next. I don't know what happened becaus...

Friday 07 April 06:31pm
briannas mum

briannas mum replied to topic Anyone with "I will NEVER do that when I have a child" stories?

yeah, i said: I will never let my baby watch the Wiggles. It is so silly- now i know almost all of their songs I will never use dummy - we gave her the first night at home I will never give in ...

Saturday 01 April 07:38am
briannas mum

briannas mum replied to topic Toddler hates his cot

hi there, My 18 mths old daughter is going through the same thing. She used to go to sleep no probs every night around 8pm. And now all of a sudden she is refusing to sleep in her cot. We did con...

Thursday 30 March 08:43am
briannas mum

briannas mum started new topic 18 mths old suddenly refusing to sleep in her bed

hi, my daughter is 18 mth old and she was going to bed every night without any fuss every night. She kissed goodnight to mum and dad and then walked to her cot in her room. About a week ago she re...

Thursday 30 March 08:31am
briannas mum

briannas mum replied to topic Help! My child is not really interested in Food.

hi, my daughter Brianna is around 10.5 kg at 16mth. She is a picky eater and when she decides to eat she only eat a small amount. I used to worry and stess about this a lot bit now I accepted the ...

Monday 30 January 10:05am
briannas mum
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