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Member037777 started new topic Saliva test when visiting the doctor

Is it ok to be asked to pass the saliva test when visiting a doctor during pregnancy? What they are thinking? That my wife's taking drugs while being pregnant?

Thursday 16 January 09:51pm

Member037777 started new topic Why women don't like gambling?

I started to gamble when I was 20 y.o., now I'm 34. There was a period when I stopped gambling because I had a job, then started again when they fired me and now I found another job but keep g...

Friday 10 January 11:33pm

Member037777 replied to topic Google play credits

MsSandman wrote: Member681840 wrote: Hi I would like to ask you about google play credits. How do you get it? I know that my friend gets these google play credits too and he said that he uses some ...

Tuesday 31 December 02:15am
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