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Member195527 started new topic Loans in 2019

Hello everyone! Explain me please something about loans in 2019? Has something changed or everything is as it was earlier? I mean, has the loan processing changed? Have interest rates changed too o...

Tuesday 19 November 12:17pm

Member195527 started new topic Fake id for clubs and when you want to buy alcohol?

Hello everyone! Need your personal experience. Just remember yourself when you were young and stupid. Have you ever tried using of fake id? What were the consequences?

Tuesday 19 November 12:07pm

Member195527 started new topic What does your husband? My husband still plays World of Warcraft...

It has passed about 7-10 years but he still plays that game... I can't stand with it... He can't even detach from the monitor and complains that the gameplay had become difficult...

Tuesday 19 November 09:51am

Member195527 replied to topic Worried about my cat

hello everyone! Just curious if it's normal that cat is rubbing and then biting me?

Tuesday 12 November 09:22am

Member195527 started new topic Thread about kitchen benches

Hi! I would like to share my thoughts. Recently I was in a restaurant and there I've seen some cute restaurant benches. What's your opinion. Is it worth to purchase such a benches right ...

Wednesday 06 November 11:43pm
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