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marire replied to topic Low in Iron - symptoms of taking iron supplements

Hi I haven't had those side effects, but have had the more traditional constipation which is also horrible. We are all individuals and react differently. My midwife has suggested a change to cald...

Monday 24 April 09:17am

marire replied to topic Your Pregnancy Tips

Hi all I suffered terribly with lower leg and foot cramps at night time with both my first two pregnancies. With this preganancy I have a new midwife who suggested a Magnesium supplement with some...

Monday 24 April 09:08am

marire replied to topic Hamilton Childcare centres

Hi My daughter was very happy at Kids to Five in Clarence St. I know they now have a new Kids to Five centre in the Hillcrest area which might be worth looking at. A freind of mine also has her s...

Monday 24 April 09:01am

marire replied to topic Perineum Massage and tearing

Hi Louise I had an episiotomy with my first daughter due to an assisted birth, she was in a tricky position. I had a pudendal nerve block and did not feel a thing. My midwife forewarned me with m...

Monday 24 April 08:48am
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