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KattyWhite19 started new topic I have born a baby at 18 but still could not go out in a club or a bar with my best friends coz I am not 21

Need to make fake ID, I fed up with staying at home

Thursday 10 October 10:27pm

KattyWhite19 replied to topic Anyone bought the woolies coffee machine?

As any coffee lover knows this brand is leader and has a briliant quality of devices .I love to drink Columbian coffee .I have Lelit Elizabeth PL92T Espresso Machine from here http://www.helixcoffe...

Thursday 22 August 03:46am

KattyWhite19 replied to topic cold water fish tank

Hi everyone.I got rid of the problem of dirtier water in the aquarium after I installed a new filter and I noticed that after I bought live stones and carolline algaen the water in rezevuare stoppe...

Thursday 01 August 12:38am

KattyWhite19 replied to topic how to find out if an online business is legitimate or scam??

For example I started selling clocks and as all the platform for buying and selling such as eBay or Amazon was overloaded by this product . I placed my product on the new platform called Shopify....

Wednesday 24 July 10:45pm

KattyWhite19 replied to topic Horny goat weed

I recently persuaded my husband to try smoking weed before sex . I read that sex and cannabis can actually work to ease tension, lower inhibition, heighten sensation, and promote deeper connection....

Tuesday 23 July 06:55pm

KattyWhite19 replied to topic Summer air conditioning with a three month old baby

Most doctors agree that it is safer to use a cooler or an air conditioner with a newborn than to let him stay in a hot, airless and humid environment. Changes in the outside heat and humidity can ...

Tuesday 09 July 02:30am

KattyWhite19 replied to topic Moving to Newcastle from Sydney

shan444 wrote: Hi Ladies My family and I are moving to Adamstown Heights in a couple of weeks and just wondering if anyone knows of any good playgroups in the area. I have a 28 month old boy and I...

Thursday 04 July 03:21am
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