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mary_mom replied to topic Is 15 months too young for a big bed?

We bought a bed from Ikea. It is lovely, really sturdy with a lovely oak finish. Our son has been in it since he was 15 months old and he has been fine with it. The only addition we had - bed rails...

Monday 17 June 06:47pm

mary_mom replied to topic Your Safety Tips

You don't leave them anywhere unsupervised. I remember when my son became fully mobile he was like a little tornado knocking everything down within reach (anything table height), emptying dra...

Thursday 04 April 05:45pm

mary_mom replied to topic Baby Monitor

We have an Angelcare AC701 monitor that has the sensor pads to pick up babies breathing. I love the extra security of the sensor pads (if your baby stops breathing the alarm goes off) and I didn&#x...

Thursday 04 April 05:41pm

mary_mom replied to topic HELP! Baby girl name Piper or Coco

I love Piper better as well! It sound very playful. Do your precious one have a middle name? Then Coco would be just fine. My good friends have a daughter named Coco Lee and I really like it!

Thursday 04 April 05:35pm
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