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mama-mia started new topic School holidays

Hi, I am in a mad panic...I have to go back to work when my daughter starts school in Jan 2013....I have a son who is also in full time school. I know I have a year to go yet, but I don't have any...

Saturday 12 November 12:13am

mama-mia started new topic What does your pre-schooler know?

Hi, I was just wondering, I have a 4 1/2 yr old pre-schooler, he can recite his alphabet, but can only recognise some letters. He can count and read his numbers 1 - 10. He can write his name and ...

Sunday 10 April 06:41am

mama-mia replied to topic Just cant take it anymore...

Have you checked him for worms? This might explain always being hungry. I fouund if my kids had sugary snacks close to bedtime, they becamwe little sods to settle. NO you don't sound like a bad ...

Thursday 11 February 08:28pm

mama-mia replied to topic Tantrum

Thank god somebody else is suffering like me. It's mortifying isn't it. My son is 3 now, and although I don't use the reins anymore, he still cannot resist running away, or touching everything, I...

Sunday 22 November 02:15pm

mama-mia replied to topic Ive lost confidence in my ability to discipline my 3 year old son

My three year old is the same. I did find a star chart does not help...I have possibly the only child who cannot be swayed by incentives or bribery! AND they have so many toys these days that to ...

Sunday 22 November 02:04pm

mama-mia started new topic What does your 16 month old drink during the day?

Hi, I was just wondering what you give your toddler to drink. My little girl has a cordial when she wakes up, then milk after breakfast, then has two more cordials, and a milk before bedtime.........

Tuesday 01 September 11:05am

mama-mia started new topic How do you stop yourself from shouting back?

Hi, I too have a "spirited" little boy who is three in two weeks time, and unless he has my undivided attention, he can be a right little tinker, and mean to his sister who is an angel in comparris...

Friday 31 July 12:46pm

mama-mia replied to topic When did your baby feed themselves

Hi, my son started around age 2 ish. He wasn't greatly interested, but then started to gradually show an interest and then just took control. I never saw the point in trying to make him do it bef...

Wednesday 24 June 06:53pm

mama-mia replied to topic Any handy tips to stop child undoing seat belt buckle?

Hi, I don't know the names of shops that stock such an item, but they do exist. When I needed to buy something to stop my son taking his arms out of his restraints, I looked on ebay to get an idea...

Wednesday 24 June 06:50pm

mama-mia replied to topic Hitting himself

Hi, my son used to headbutt himself, but he learnt how hard he could hit himself without it hurting too much. I just ignored him (which made him do it more frequently), but he did stop headbutting...

Wednesday 08 April 04:23pm

mama-mia started new topic How have you explained easter to your two and a half year old.

Hi, I was just wandering how you explained the concept of easter to your toddler/ 2 1/2 year old? I'm not especially religious, but don't just want my kids to think it is all about the chocolate.....

Monday 06 April 07:06pm

mama-mia started new topic What do you "mix" your 9 month olds weetbix with?

Hi, I can't rememeber if I gave my son cows milk in his weetbix when he was small, so have avoided giving my daughter weetbix as am worrying what to do!!! Daft, or what? Do you use formula, cows m...

Saturday 03 January 10:43pm

mama-mia started new topic Quantities?

My little girl is just 6 months old, and I have no idea how or what I used to feed my son..... I was wondering, how much milk and solids does your baby have? (My dd has only 1 tsp rice for breakfas...

Saturday 18 October 10:10pm

mama-mia started new topic What do you do if you go out for the day?

Hi, I was just wondering, after my toddlers lunch nap, when we go to our in-laws for dinner, do you come home so you can put your child to bed at his normal time, or do you let your child stay up l...

Saturday 06 September 11:47am

mama-mia replied to topic Does anyone sit with their child and NOT mind?

Hi, my toddler goes to sleep by himself after a 15 min story time at night as I have a new baby, BUT I do put him to sleep at lunchtime, I read and sing and it takes 30 mins, but always worth the e...

Saturday 06 September 11:44am

mama-mia started new topic Is my toddler scared?????

Hi everyone...... My 20 month old son has been falling asleep with his head under his pillow for the last three weeks, which I find most bizarre. He isn't afraid to go to bed, and we have the same ...

Friday 02 May 11:36am

mama-mia replied to topic Constipation (apologies already for tmi!)

Hi there, I would try drinking a lot more water as your body will need more fluids for the growing baby......

Sunday 13 April 11:04am

mama-mia replied to topic upset khhmmm ...........bowels.

... of course you are alone! We are all ladies on this site and we don't fart, let alone do smelly ones.,,,, ha ha ha ha I had this a few times in each pregnancy, and the other day, i just had t...

Thursday 28 February 08:22pm

mama-mia started new topic How much does your 18 month old eat, and do you let them eat the same meal 2/3 times a week?

I always feel a it fretful at meal times because I am sure some days my baby doesn't eat enough... breakfast is always good.... weetbix with 125ml milk, then a bottle of milk, 150ml. Lunch is alwa...

Thursday 21 February 09:14am

mama-mia replied to topic Still doesn't feel real....why?

I feel a bit like that, but it is because I am in denial because my gorgeous toddler is like an unruly sheep, and soon there will be two of them to try and control!!! AAAGGGHHHHH........ Seriosly,...

Thursday 21 February 09:04am
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