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Molliehall replied to topic Early Signs of Pregnancy

Hey everyone.Pregnancy is the nice time in every women life.There is no happiness and enjoyment without them.I am facing so many difficulties during conceiving.In my first pregnancy, I had really t...

Monday 26 March 09:47am

Molliehall replied to topic IVF

Hey, dear Anne! How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. Children are a gift. Well, I think you should give your time and attention to your baby already you had. Although IVF is a time taking...

Monday 26 March 09:44am

Molliehall replied to topic Update on my IVF procedure

Hi dear.I am so glad to know that finally, you have received your documents.I am sure you have healthy and great success in future.Just don't be worried and tense, Stay believe in good things ...

Monday 26 March 09:43am

Molliehall replied to topic 14 weeks

Hello.Wawoo congrats.Really happy to know that you are pregnant and 14 weeks.I am too much glad that you had this great news.I am not near to due date.Recently, I had to deliver my baby.He is now 5...

Tuesday 20 March 02:58pm

Molliehall replied to topic Next IVF?

Hi, I think if your husband and baby are good.You will go through for this.It's not so early, you better know it's a time taking process.I hope you will manage all the things very well.Do...

Tuesday 20 March 02:57pm

Molliehall replied to topic Share your story

Hi Monika.Good to see you here.Actually, I really need some help.I am trying to conceive the baby, but dear there was always negative test.I am not much believing in one thing. Now, I am used to fa...

Tuesday 20 March 02:56pm

Molliehall started new topic Next IVF?

Is it too early to be planning next IVF? My little girl is seven months as of feb 28. I want to complete my family and have one more child. Last time I used IVF through biotexcom. Succeeded in the ...

Saturday 10 March 02:30am

Molliehall replied to topic PCOS

I don't think surgery is a good idea here dear. PCOS, to my knowledge, is treated well with medications only. So you should not go for surgery. Consult some doctors. Get a second opinion. I am...

Saturday 10 March 02:29am

Molliehall replied to topic Cesarean in public hospital using own obstetrician

Hi dear. Firstly I wish you have your baby safe. Take care of yourself. The procedures of hospitals vary from hospital to hospital. I have not gone through such situation. I would suggest you take ...

Thursday 25 January 09:25am

Molliehall replied to topic Need Help

Hi dear. I totally understand your situation. Some in-laws are really terrible. The only way to deal with them is to ignore. You should be worried about your husband only. Take care of him. Go to a...

Thursday 25 January 09:24am

Molliehall replied to topic Due in September!

Hey there! I hope that you're doing good. Okay so you're having a reduction in milk supply. Well yes, menstrual cycle affects the supply. Menstruation or ovulation can result in a tempora...

Thursday 25 January 09:21am

Molliehall replied to topic Getting Back in to exercise at 19 weeks

Not at all, honey. Exercise is good for health. It is very beneficial for your baby. Even at the time of delivery, you will have less pain. Do not overburden yourself. Just do normal exercise. It w...

Sunday 21 January 07:34pm

Molliehall replied to topic Need Help

Hi dear. I can understand your concern. He should be very supportive. All you guys need is the moral support to each other. However, if he is behaving like this then you should try to talk to him. ...

Sunday 21 January 07:31pm

Molliehall replied to topic 3 things to know about newborns

It is very relatable. Parenthood is a full-time job, especially for the mothers. Those who are breastfeeding do not even full their sleep for a longer period of time. I also faced this situation. M...

Sunday 21 January 06:25am

Molliehall replied to topic How many Csections have you had.

hi dear. You have shared some awesome piece of information. I have heard that now there can be c section for even six to seven babies. Is this true? I have my daughter via c section. I want to know...

Sunday 21 January 06:24am
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