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kacca29 replied to topic spelling names

Hi, I think Sahra is both a beautiful pronunciation and spelling. And fairly obvious when you see it written. People will always pronounce names wrong. I get asked my daughter's name, and I prou...

Saturday 02 April 06:04am

kacca29 replied to topic Hospital Bags and Baby Needs

Hi Lisa, Number one! Pack your bag early. I didn't and got caught out and so ended up with my dh bringing in stuff I really didn't want (and clothes I hated!). The best list to go by is the o...

Monday 21 March 02:17pm

kacca29 replied to topic Due in August 2005

Hi all, Figured it's about time I introduced myself. Been lurking for a little while. I'm pg with my 2nd child and just starting to feel movement a bit more regularly now at 16 weeks. My ultras...

Wednesday 16 March 08:11am

kacca29 replied to topic Another Baby?

I don't think it sounds weird at all. I'm only 13 weeks pg with my second child and already so badly wanting a third. This baby will be my dh's 5th and he is already talking about 'permanent cont...

Friday 18 February 09:05am

kacca29 replied to topic boy or girl

Hi, I always knew it as a boy's name and my cousin named her son Mackenzie. Then recently a friend of mine named her little girl Mackenzie. I think traditionally it's a boy's name (I've known a f...

Friday 04 February 01:59pm

kacca29 replied to topic Boys name 'Braxton'????

Congratulations! I would have died if my hubby did that! I have to admit I straight away thought of braxton hicks but only cause I'm a pregnant Mum! It's a cool name, can't think of too many sho...

Friday 14 January 04:41pm

kacca29 replied to topic Names to go with Hunter and River

How about Maycee for the spelling. I like that. You have such good strong boy's names. Do you want pretty for a girl. Pretty ones like Summer are April, Lily, Alia, Rose. Had some more but f...

Friday 14 January 04:25pm

kacca29 replied to topic Partner is way older!!!

Hi I know it's a while since you started this post but thought you may like to hear my experience. My husband is 16 yrs older than me and has three boys from his 1st marriage (now 15,18 and 19)....

Monday 10 January 03:33pm

kacca29 replied to topic Births on Cenral Coast

Hi I had my first at Gosford with the midwives there and have absolutely no complaints. We're at Berkeley Vale so halfway between Gosford and Wyong. Most of the staff were brilliant, there was o...

Thursday 30 December 01:53pm

kacca29 replied to topic no teeth!!!!

Here we have teeth but not very many! Gabrielle got her top 2 teeth just before her first birthday, quickly followed by the bottom two. Now three months later she still only has four! Doesn't wo...

Tuesday 23 November 02:59pm

kacca29 replied to topic Immunization

Meningococcal C is on the schedule to be given at 12 months. it's only one shot. Don't forget that there's lots of other strains of meningococcal, esp B which is common and really dangerous so yo...

Wednesday 19 May 09:46am

kacca29 replied to topic Travelling with baby

Hi girls, I haven't done this myself but some of my friends have. So I'll see if I can remember some of the things they said. 1) If you want a bassinette book it early!! 2) One who was bottlefee...

Sunday 01 February 10:47am

kacca29 replied to topic Keeping bub entertained

Going outside is a great idea. We were lying under a tree the other day and Gabrielle was thrilled. At this stage she is constantly rolling over but under the tree she was so excited she didn't e...

Friday 30 January 11:05am

kacca29 replied to topic Feeling Guilty

Please don't feel guilty, you are doing what is best for your kids and for you. And if people around you are making you feel bad they simply don't know what they are talking about. A lot of love ...

Thursday 29 January 10:37am

kacca29 replied to topic Starting solids

We've only just started too, and we're going slowly because Gabrielle is only 5 months, and not that keen really. We've also had the most success with rice cereal mixed with apple. Banana was not ...

Thursday 29 January 10:20am

kacca29 replied to topic The name 'Ella'

I love the name Ella, you should all be very proud of choosing such a beautiful name. I wanted to call my daughter Ella Grace, Ella is my Grandmother's and Great-Grandmother's name, but my husband...

Thursday 29 January 10:05am

kacca29 replied to topic turned eye&so many things to worry about

Hi Nat, how did it go at the specialist? Have been thinking of you Karen

Thursday 29 January 10:01am

kacca29 replied to topic turned eye&so many things to worry about

Nat, I'm sorry you have had to deal with so much already. Your daughter is a very special little one, and she is very lucky to have you. I had a turned eye myself when I was a kid and it wasn't...

Sunday 25 January 06:02pm

kacca29 replied to topic When should i start solids?

Lidia, one of the babies in my Mother's group sounds like Natasha. He doesn't seem to really like milk and never drank much of either expressed breast milk or formula. He's been having solids sic...

Saturday 24 January 05:10pm

kacca29 replied to topic Sterilising Bottles

I just replied to something that came up at clinic the other day and this did too. Our nurse recommends that as soon as baby can pick things up with a pincer grip (finger and thumb) stop sterilisi...

Thursday 22 January 03:39pm
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