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This is a great post. I have an average baby and Im made to believe he is slow. I still think that sometimes. Conlan is 8 mths old in 5 mins (from when i wrote it hehe). He cant crawl yet, he can c...

Saturday 11 March 11:59pm

TraceyJ replied to topic How are the july 05 bubs doin?

Oh god. Is everyones July 05 babies crawling???!!! Conlan is a 11th July 05 baby and he isnt crawling yet. He can commando crawl a bit around the floor but not very far. He can sit when he wants to...

Saturday 11 March 11:35pm

TraceyJ replied to topic Baby on Solids will not try new foods

Hi. My 7mth old who started food at 3 mths did go off his food with teething and i have only just got him good again now eventhough he is still teething a bit. Just keep trying they different foods...

Saturday 11 March 11:17pm

TraceyJ replied to topic Formula to Cows Milk

Hi. I would. I give my 7mth old boy a bottle a day of half cows milk and half water so he gets use to cows milk. He loves it and Im gonna keep giving it to him just reduce the water in it.

Thursday 16 February 12:21am

TraceyJ replied to topic Thermometer's

Hi I have an under arm one and It always reads low on Conlan my 6mth bub. I think it is cause he wriggles so much, i did it on me and it read a little low on me too. I paid $20 for it so not very h...

Saturday 28 January 02:50am

TraceyJ replied to topic Bottle top ups after Breast.

Hi. I bottle fed but my little boy had 220mls by the time he was 8 weeks old!! I was told I was over feeding him so I fed him solids from 3 months. He hated rice cereal plain so I gave him jars and...

Friday 16 December 01:01am

TraceyJ replied to topic Water when breast feeding - your thoughts !

Hi. I think you should give your bubby water sometimes especially in hot weather. I do bottle fed but I know my baby gets thristy inbetween bottles and his lips do get dry in hot weather. He wont d...

Friday 16 December 12:57am

TraceyJ replied to topic breast refusal

I dont breast feed or even have an baby that old, but in my opinion, just feed her her solids, give her snacks inbetween and get her to drink water and as much formula as possible. Maybe just forge...

Sunday 11 December 05:29pm

TraceyJ replied to topic Nervous about finger food

Hi. I have a 5 month old little boy (well tomorrow he will be). I have given him a hot chip to eat on 2 occassions which he had no problems with and i have also fed him Prawn chips on one occassion...

Sunday 11 December 05:19pm

TraceyJ replied to topic Any other small babies?

Hi. My bub is the opposite. My little boy is 4 month in 9 days or 16 weeks and 2 days. I weighed him at 15 weeks and he was 6.8kg!! So i think he is big for his age!!

Thursday 03 November 10:29am

TraceyJ replied to topic Naming body parts

Hi. My little boy is nearly 4 months. Of course he hasnt asked about his bits but i have been calling his a willy. I think that is a better word for him to say if he gets obsessed with the word LOL...

Thursday 03 November 10:23am

TraceyJ replied to topic wot formula wont give tummy pains!!

Hi Lauren!! I feed Conlan on heinz starter formula, or what ever it is called (the one in the blue tin). I started him on normal s26 but he wasnt right on it so i changed to heinz. Maybe his tummy ...

Wednesday 02 November 11:33pm

TraceyJ replied to topic Silly Bub just playing or something more??!!

Hi again everyone!! I dont have a CHN anymore she is too busy but I have to get his 4 month check up very soon and needles so i will check then!! Im glad other bubs do it too especially your pos as...

Monday 31 October 07:44pm

TraceyJ replied to topic I wish I was told that !!!

I wish i was told how much and quickly a baby grows. My 15 week and 5 day old is in 0 shirts and 00 pants for length but not waist!!

Sunday 30 October 08:32pm

TraceyJ started new topic Silly Bub just playing or something more??!!

Hi. My little 15 week and 5 day old has been lately going cross eyed and laughing at it. He doesnt do it for long but it does worry me. Is he just playing with his eyes or is it something more?? Pl...

Sunday 30 October 07:49pm

TraceyJ replied to topic First Babies-Usually Late???

Hi i had my first baby 14 weeks and 5 days ago. He was 9 days early so first bubs r not always late. Just a tip, but it might not happen to you, I felt really yuk on the friday before i had him, I ...

Sunday 23 October 08:58pm

TraceyJ replied to topic 24 hour day care

Hi. What about a baby sitter?? You could advice in the paper, or find on people you know have used??!!!

Tuesday 04 October 04:10pm

TraceyJ replied to topic pregnant with twins, any tips?

Hi, I dont have twins or expecting twins but i do wish to Congradulate you for your pregnancy! I always wanted twins !! I have a beautiful 11 week and 6 day old baby boy though. Anyway i hope your ...

Monday 03 October 09:14am

TraceyJ replied to topic re: ultrasounds

Hi. I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks as i was recommended to have a NT scan (dont ask me what NT stands for i cant remember, but i know they compare something from your blood with the amount of flui...

Wednesday 28 September 07:50pm

TraceyJ replied to topic help early bedtime

my son isn't like this, but try waking him for a feed at a decent time for you to go to bed. I did when he was 2 to 3 weeks old but he is 10 weeks now and sleeps the night except a wake up for the ...

Tuesday 20 September 12:21am
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