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little-amsterdam started new topic Neglectful Dad

Hi there. This is kind of a long rant, but any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Ever since our son was born, my fiance has been nothing but (in my opinion) neglectful with our son. Kenni...

Thursday 27 April 10:58am

little-amsterdam replied to topic november babies

My son Kennit was born on the 10th November, last year. He is completely on cow's milk now, can walk along furniture by himself, stands by himself, and is starting to take 2-3 steps at a time by h...

Wednesday 08 December 04:24pm

little-amsterdam replied to topic 15 month old scared of loud noises.

I have the same problem with my son (12months). He is particularly sensitive to the vacuum and blender. Also, male voices (I guess because they tend to be more "booming" and louder?). It has been l...

Saturday 04 December 01:37pm

little-amsterdam replied to topic Sick and Tired of being told to use controlled crying!!!!

We tried control crying. That lasted all of one week. We found that having a routine worked better. He is now 12 months old, has been sleeping through the night from about 4 weeks (guess we just go...

Friday 26 November 12:40pm

little-amsterdam replied to topic Immunisation reactions

Our 1 year old just had his immunisations and has no side effects. Apart from being cranky and very unsettled for about 3 days afterwards. This has been the case with all his shots. I did, however...

Friday 26 November 12:35pm

little-amsterdam replied to topic no more sterilizing bottles

I stopped sterilizing my son's bottles when he was about 10 months. The way I figured, they were just about the only sterilized things going into his mouth, since he started crawling at 6 months. B...

Tuesday 23 November 04:59pm
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