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jean replied to topic 1st Birthday Presents

Hi Amanda, since I have a little boy turning 1 next week I hope these are girly enough, I have seen at Prouds really nice money boxes etc things like that which she can keep for when she is older ...

Friday 06 August 11:48am

jean replied to topic How often do you wash baby's hair?

I wet my 10mth old son's hair everynight but only wash it about 3 times a week, otherwise he's scalp gets too dry. Jean....

Saturday 26 June 09:04pm

jean replied to topic PND

Pauline I can only imagine how you must be feeling raising a child is hard enough but losing someone close to you who also had a child is so tragic I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I ...

Thursday 29 April 07:34pm

jean replied to topic favourite baby names

I must say your name made me laugh..... I like the name Isabella and Elizabeth for girls and well my boy is Ethan Charles, and its the only name I liked so I hope next time I have a girl or I am ...

Thursday 29 April 07:14pm

jean replied to topic How to lose weight after bub

I relate totally, I had a ceaser due to my son being 4.8kg and 7 mths later I am still fighting to loose the flab and its a pain in the butt.... I have just joined weight watchers and although you...

Tuesday 06 April 08:46pm

jean replied to topic So scared he will choke

If your really concerned start of on soft things like pieces of toast, or break little bits off things like muffins etc and give it to him, as long as they are small pieces and something that goes ...

Sunday 28 March 08:01pm

jean started new topic No to Vegies

Hi All, My 7 mth old has decided he doesn't like vegies at all, this has gone on for about 2 weeks now, he loved them at first, has anyone else experienced this and found a way around them he's o...

Tuesday 16 March 03:20pm

jean started new topic SthSide PlayGroup

Hi All, Does anyone know of any good playgroups in the sth side area, I live in the Parkinson/Algester area, Ethan is 7 mths old, I can't seem to locate any around me if anyone knows of any pleas...

Tuesday 16 March 02:57pm

jean replied to topic Storing Homemade Purees etc

I have just started my son on solids, and have been putting pureed vegetables in ice cube trays and then transferring to containers in the freezer and just reheating in the microwave, I've not had ...

Tuesday 09 March 10:15pm

jean replied to topic so how many of u own or rent a house with young family?

We brought our house about three years before Ethan was born and then we put our name down on a block of land which came available 15 months later when Ethan was just 6 weeks old so we decided to ...

Saturday 07 February 08:24pm

jean replied to topic Baby & Cats - how do you mix the 2 without tears (or worse)

I think it's important to remember that as with babies all pets are different and will react differently, we have a cat and dog which we had for 6 years before Ethan was born, Raven our cat totall...

Saturday 07 February 08:16pm

jean replied to topic Swimming Lessons

I am looking to start my 6 months old son in swimming lessions soon, what did you guys look for in classes, there are a few around me and I'm not quite sure what to look for and who to choose.

Thursday 05 February 05:10pm

jean started new topic High Chairs

Hi, I am starting to look for a high chair for my son does anyone have any recommendations or experience's????? Or things to look for when purchasing one. Input would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday 05 February 05:05pm

jean replied to topic New member looking to chat...

I don't think there's a mother alive who hasn't felt the same way, I know I did constantly worrying about what kind of mother I would be and how I would cope, I completely freaked out, but when y...

Saturday 20 December 09:17am

jean started new topic Stretchmarks

Does anyone have any remedies for stretchmarks on the thighs and boobs, there are quite a few on the market at the moment, has anyone used any and how did you find them.

Thursday 18 December 12:43pm

jean replied to topic Birth Stories

I had a really great pregnancy, not one bit of morning sickness, no back problems nothing. My baby pretty much laid low for the majority of my pregnancy so I thought I would be going early at lea...

Sunday 14 December 11:22pm
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