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juztchelle replied to topic What Practicle Advice Would You Pass On To A First Time Pregnant Mum???

Take a moment each day to think how miraculous the whole pregnancy thing is and how lucky you are to be chosen to be the mother of this tiny person, you may never be pregnant again and time goes so...

Saturday 24 January 09:04pm

juztchelle replied to topic The Implant?

I had implanon and it was nothing but trouble and I have heard this from others as well. The idea of not having to take the pill was what made me do it. The side affects just weren't worth it! My ...

Saturday 24 January 08:50pm

juztchelle replied to topic Night Sleep

yes I'm pretty sure most health nurses say you shouldn't give farex or solids before 4 months.but some babies need it before then i spose

Saturday 24 January 08:34pm

juztchelle replied to topic cant get him to sleep any longer than 3 hrs

I bought this CD too. Not only does it put my daughter to sleep it puts me to sleep too. I love it, I think its beautiful. I'm sure it will work.

Wednesday 21 January 01:08am

juztchelle started new topic My baby's a pig!

My daughter Liliauna is now 11 weeks old and has always been fed on demand. However it seems the older she gets the more of a guts she becomes. She just loves her bottle. I give her a dummy and tha...

Wednesday 21 January 12:47am

juztchelle replied to topic Saggy Boobs

Hi. Its Michelle, would just like to say that you will have to live with it! I'm pregnant for the fourth time, but they were saggy after my first. I knew I was having more so I just bought good bra...

Tuesday 28 October 05:10pm

juztchelle replied to topic I'm looking for a new friend

Hi Michelle, my name is Michelle too, I also live in QLD, in Brisbane. I have three boys 8, 6, 4 and a little girl due in 2 days. I'm 27 and also happily married. I would love to hear from you espe...

Tuesday 28 October 04:51pm

juztchelle replied to topic Weight gain during pregnancy

Oh my goodness, I can't believe u are all complaining I've put on 14kg and still have a few weeks to go! Now I feel like an animal and thought I was doing alright? EEEK!!!

Wednesday 08 October 01:42pm
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