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LeahL replied to topic Which Formula is best

If your not having any problems, what are you worried about? Only worry if the one you have chosen is giving your baby a problem.

Thursday 20 May 10:58pm

LeahL replied to topic Veges, yuck!

My daughter is only five months but if she is the same I'm going to give her what she likes I.E fruit and cheese. I think all babies go through phases, I know I loved beetroot as a baby, hated it ...

Thursday 20 May 10:50pm

LeahL replied to topic Is introducing meat at 3.5 months OK?

My daughter started pureed meat and vegies at the same time and she is fine. The main thing with solids is starting something new is introducing it and it only for a couple of days to ensure your...

Thursday 20 May 10:45pm

LeahL replied to topic Not coping livin with Daddy

mummy1300 Don't always accept one opinion from a shrink. I went through some really bad times 2 years ago. I was in a bad Domestic situation which caused problems at work(police). I ended up on...

Thursday 20 May 10:29pm

LeahL replied to topic favourite baby names

Too Weird Tonipie My daughters name is Jessika. I like older names but changing a letter. My sister has a Maddison and Paris. I really like the name Paris(girl) but she beat me to it. I also ...

Thursday 20 May 10:15pm

LeahL replied to topic crawling at what age ?????

My daughter is five months old. In the last month she can really move around the lounge room. She isn't crawling yet but she rolls and drags herslef around. In the last two weeks she does the ar...

Thursday 20 May 10:09pm

LeahL replied to topic When does the average baby start speaking?

I really wouldn't worry about it, your baby will develop in its own time however I have found that imitation has worked for my daughter. Jessika is five months old and she says bubba. Dan and I ...

Thursday 20 May 10:03pm

LeahL replied to topic I hate my post baby body

Thankyou for letting me know I'm not alone.

Thursday 20 May 09:56pm

LeahL replied to topic WARNING X rated

How good is Doctor Phil. I love him, I wish he would come to Aus. I may sound sour at the moment but don't let your husband, partner, other half, etc go without for too long. Most will stray. O...

Thursday 20 May 09:52pm

LeahL replied to topic what to do during your timeout?

What about your other half? I'm not preaching I had to force my other half to look after Jessika but sometimes I think they get it a bit easy. After enough silences he got the picture. Jessika i...

Thursday 20 May 09:42pm

LeahL replied to topic Another Baby after a C Section

Salwa I hope I can have a natural birth this time like you. Thankyou for replying, sorry I took so long to get back to you but Dan(other half) and I got married recently, had our honeymoon and t...

Thursday 20 May 09:27pm

LeahL replied to topic Another Baby after a C Section

Thanks for the advice everyone, I will ask the doc, I think we'll start trying again in 4 months when Jessika is 9 months old. I'm going back to work full time this week ( policewoman) and I'm alr...

Sunday 09 May 03:37pm

LeahL started new topic Another Baby after a C Section

I had a C Section 5 months ago with my first baby. We want to have another baby as soon as we can. I was wondering if anyone who has had a C Section was given any instructions by their Doctor in ...

Friday 07 May 09:09pm

LeahL replied to topic Eczema

My 3 month old has mild eczema and the health nurse suggested DermaVeen Shower and Bath Oil, then Dermaveen Moisturising Lotion. I put the moisturiser on a couple of times a day (she is very dry a...

Wednesday 17 March 03:56pm

LeahL replied to topic Cracked Nipple Problem

My daughter is now 3 months and is bottle fed. My nipple got so badly damaged that my doctor reccomended I stop breastfeeding from it. At the time I keot breastfeeding from the other one but has ...

Monday 15 March 01:15am

LeahL replied to topic Baby's Cues

Jessika is 3 months old and I like to think I know her cries and sounds now but sometimes we still have to try everythingi.e a bottle, a new nappy, a walk around the house, a toy etc, etc,etc, to ...

Monday 15 March 01:07am

LeahL replied to topic formula for newborns

I heat it in the microwave. I boil the water on the stove and pre make bottles and store them in the fridge but not for more than 24 hours. I've had no problems and the health centre hasn't a pr...

Monday 15 March 01:02am

LeahL replied to topic Vaccination?

How could any one even consider not vaccinating their child? In relation to SIDS, no one knows what actually causes it, nothing has been proven. Please vaccinate.

Wednesday 10 March 11:55pm

LeahL replied to topic My Induction

Congratulations Anni on the birth of Madisyn (I like the way you spelt it). I started walking at about 4 weeks after the birth, but only a light walk, nothing brisk. I didn't attempt sit ups unti...

Thursday 26 February 02:14pm

LeahL replied to topic My Induction

Des I ended up 42 +1 weeks when Jessika was born, she is my first baby. I don't know if my long induction experience was normal or not and I don't know about this quicker labour thing either. I ...

Wednesday 18 February 10:31pm
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