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Alisa_vee started new topic pregnancy fitness

Keeping fit during pregnancy is highly important. Most doctors say it is better to the muscles of your abdomen really tight and firm. We all know pregnancy puts some strain on the body and it'...

Tuesday 01 August 04:39am

Alisa_vee started new topic home birth

Hello. I have been researching natural birth. It's great to have adequate information on every topic. There is really no way to absolutely decide your child birth method. As I have read and he...

Sunday 23 July 03:22am

Alisa_vee started new topic I want to name my baby

Hello, everyone.Great to have this forum to share issues. So this is meant to be a small issue but it's gradually growing to an elephant in our home. Like the literal elephant in the room, unb...

Sunday 23 July 03:01am
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