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Sandy replied to topic Implanon- yes or no?

I had the implant put in about 8 months ago. Since then my periods have been totally our of control, every two weeks is the norm at the moment. The dr has put me on the pill at the same time to t...

Saturday 17 June 04:22pm

Sandy replied to topic Any 35 Plus Mum's Out There!

I'm not quite 35 but will be by the time my baby arrives, if that counts. I have 3 at the moment - 13, 11 & 1 This one was not really a choice and we are yet to become "over the moon". I am not too...

Wednesday 27 October 06:09am

Sandy replied to topic Anyone Due in April 2005?

Due 21st April. No. 4 We've decided we are not unhappy about this - but over the moon is not how I would describe my feelings.

Wednesday 27 October 06:03am

Sandy replied to topic Playgroups in Sutherland Shire?????

If you call Sutherland Council they should be able to give you the playgroup Co-ordinator number. I know there is one in Venetia St Sylvania.

Saturday 12 June 04:40am

Sandy replied to topic How many bottles should a six month old be having?

My bub was having 3-4 bottles of approx 200ml, with 3 solid feeds per day

Wednesday 09 June 05:16am

Sandy replied to topic post natal depression, what are the signs/symptoms

OMG - how scary, the only one I didn't relate to was the sleeping one - I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

Tuesday 01 June 05:08am

Sandy replied to topic Won't drink formula or cow's milk

Have you tried soy milk?

Tuesday 01 June 05:02am

Sandy replied to topic Not crawling

Myson is 8 months and is also not crawling. He just rolls around to get to what he wants. We have polished floor boards so I think that doesn't help. He is getting frustrated.

Tuesday 01 June 04:59am

Sandy replied to topic hates cowsmilk?

What about soy milk?

Saturday 29 May 04:36am

Sandy replied to topic Baby whingeathon

All these whingers. I don't know if its comforting to know that all you other mums have to put up with as well. I certainly feel for you. My 8 month old is always much worse when we've had visito...

Saturday 29 May 04:34am

Sandy replied to topic Starting a routine

A routine is good but I loathe to wake a sleeping baby. If i'm just hanging around the house then I let him do what he wants - but if I have somewhere to go then he needs to fit in with that - whi...

Saturday 29 May 04:25am

Sandy replied to topic Uncomfortable when inserting tampons

I can totally relate. It is so nice to see other people that have the same problems. At least I know I am not alone.

Thursday 27 May 04:13am

Sandy replied to topic how big is your baby?????

Had my little man weighed etc yesterday, he is just shy of 8 months, he tipped the scales at 10.1 kg and is 74 cm.

Thursday 20 May 04:33am
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