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cheq replied to topic Help us choose a name before I jump off a cliff

2 Mummas_IVF Baby wrote: Totally agree...naming a baby is such a huge responsibility. We have names picked but who knows what we will decide when bub is born lol Best I could come up with was Nei...

Friday 18 August 02:07am

cheq replied to topic Time to end my marriage?

Marriage is a work in progress. But it all goes down to what you want. Only you can help yourself - give it an end or a go for another chance.

Saturday 29 July 11:59pm

cheq replied to topic Can not think of a name!

Hi, Rosie! Most parents think of names that have meaning to them. Do you have any personal preference? Or any name will do? Is this your first baby?

Saturday 29 July 11:31pm

cheq replied to topic 5 things you should know about breastfeeding

As a future mom and supporter of breastfeeding, I really need to know these 5 things. Thank you, Huggies. So helpful!

Saturday 15 July 07:39pm

cheq replied to topic 5 parenting tips every new mum and dad needs

Helpful tips! I've been trying to conceive and I'm also excited with motherhood, which they say can be overwhelming, so I always find time to read parenting tips like this one. Thank you...

Saturday 15 July 07:22pm

cheq replied to topic Lucy or Darcy

I'd go with Darcie Belle. It is a lovely and unique name and simply possesses elegance. Yay! I'm excited for you!

Wednesday 12 July 11:01pm

cheq replied to topic Hurley - Meaning = Sea Tide

Natalie_272 wrote: Thank you its a bit different the name hurley iv never heared of any one with it came across it looking for a beachy name with the meaning sea tide is quite different also hmm, h...

Wednesday 12 July 10:47pm

cheq started new topic Hurley - Meaning = Sea Tide

Like! Hurley sounds unique and the meaning is just appropriate since you live by the beach.

Saturday 01 July 03:23am

cheq replied to topic 3 Delicious 5-minute Breakfast Recipes for Kids!

Wow! These are quick recipes! Thank you and can't wait to try them.

Saturday 01 July 02:47am

cheq replied to topic 5 things for new dads to think about

Huggies Support wrote: Being prepared for the emotional changes that having a new baby brings is just as important as having the nursery ready, pram purchased and baby announcement sent to family. ...

Thursday 22 June 11:30pm

cheq replied to topic In need of a unique Baby Girl Name

Hi Kkenak, Love the names of your three kids! So unique. Picking names can be a little difficult sometimes but it's fun too, right? I'd suggest Leontyne-Blythe. Leontyne means shining...

Sunday 18 June 09:59pm
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