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Broni replied to topic Fear of flies

Fears can be overcome by exposure therapy. This means getting her to have a fly near her in a controlled environment (you would have to trap one in a jar for this, or maybe a dead one would work)....

Sunday 18 January 08:27pm

Broni replied to topic How many bottles?

If have been told that a 12 month old needs 600mls of milk a day including dairy. ie. If you give cheese, yoghurt, custard etc. with meals, they need less than 600mls in the bottles. Hope this help...

Sunday 18 January 08:20pm

Broni replied to topic Most People Talk About The Terrible Two's... But What Abou The Challenging One's???

My daughter is now 15 months old and starting to really test me out, though she is very easy in general. Have you thought about having friends to play so you are not her only 'human toy'? My daug...

Sunday 18 January 08:11pm

Broni replied to topic What's in a name!

I named my daughter Lucy Elizabeth. Lucy is the name of my Great Grandma (my mother's, mother's, mother). I thought it would be nice to go up the female line for a girl. I never met my Great Gra...

Thursday 08 January 10:46am

Broni replied to topic Going out of my mind

With your 2 so close in age there is probably some attention seeking happening as well. It must be hard to take care of both of them and have the time to give him the attention he is probably crav...

Sunday 04 January 11:00pm

Broni started new topic 1st tooth 14 months - then 4 in 1 week.

My little girl finally cut her 1st (and 2nd) teeth at exactly 14 months. One top and one bottom first, on the same day. She then cut the other 2 front teeth 5 and 6 days after. This meant that s...

Sunday 04 January 10:47pm

Broni replied to topic Presents!!!

Fisher Price Little People are wonderful!!! Something that can grow with him and be added to. My daughter is 14 months old (also not quite walking yet) and she now has the School Bus which she lo...

Sunday 28 December 09:48pm

Broni replied to topic New Kid on the Block

My sister and I are 4 years apart with only 3 days between our birthdays and my neice and nephew are 3 years apart with 6 days between there birthdays so I've seen the problems that can become of t...

Sunday 28 December 09:24pm

Broni replied to topic Jealous Dad

I have a 14 months old daughter and have been separated from my husband for 6 months. He has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and your ex sounds very similar to him. I had to do things like wa...

Wednesday 24 December 11:02pm

Broni replied to topic isn't sitting up

My daughter started sitting up at around 9 months but it's nothing to worry about. She started pulling herself up and crawling soon after and is now almost walking. I found a v shaped cushion hel...

Wednesday 24 December 10:34pm

Broni replied to topic Spewy Bubba

My daughter was the same, she had trouble gaining weight, though. I was told many times that she didn't have reflux because she was not upset but I knew I needed to do something to help her gain w...

Wednesday 24 December 10:25pm

Broni replied to topic Epidurals.... To have or not to have???

I was very scared about having an epidural and that was one of the things on my list to NOT do at all costs. After around 20 hours in labour with no progress and problems with blood pressure I had...

Wednesday 24 December 10:03pm

Broni replied to topic Morning Sickness all day long

I had extreme morning sickness (24 hours a day) until after 30 weeks. The thinks that helped the most were Lemonade Icypoles (the lemon flavour was refreshing and they numbed my tongue which seeme...

Wednesday 24 December 09:34pm

Broni replied to topic tantrums

Diet is deffinately something to think about -food colouring #102 is a big offender but everything is worth looking into. If it doesn't seem to be related to diet and comes on suddenly rather than...

Tuesday 23 December 10:07pm

Broni replied to topic Toddlers and Seperations

I have recently separated from my husband and have a 14 month old daughter. She hasn't really noticed anything being different because he didn't take any real responsibility for her while he was h...

Tuesday 23 December 09:42pm

Broni replied to topic NEARLY [email protected]@@@

Have you spoken to your brother about this? You have every right to feel comfortable in your home and, if they are staying with you, they need to respect your authority. If things don't improve y...

Tuesday 23 December 09:35pm

Broni replied to topic Leaking nappies

I also go for huggies nappies at night. If they are not working, though, you could consider using the boys huggies at night as they are more absorbent in the front (obviously where boys wet where ...

Tuesday 23 December 09:29am

Broni replied to topic "HELP" Daudghter hates having her hair being wet

Another idea is to let her choose what the water will come out of to rinse her hair. Go on a shopping trip where she can choose between a hose with shower head that attaches to the bath tap, a pla...

Tuesday 23 December 09:23am

Broni replied to topic Disobedient

Try not to give too much attention, even negative, as this may be an attention seeking habit. Sometimes just saying no in a low voice (firm but calm) and turning away from him and ignoring him for...

Tuesday 23 December 09:17am

Broni replied to topic when will she get teeth????

My daughter now has teeth at 14 months of age. She cut 2 teeth (one top and one bottom) 2 days ago after no more than the usual teething which a bit of panadol at night took care of. The hardest ...

Sunday 21 December 12:13am
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