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kiahxand started new topic caring 3.9year olds

my son is dinosaurobsest everyone tells me that they dont know any kids that knows so much about dinosaurs and how much he loves them, last night we were talking about what we want to put in the ch...

Friday 02 September 01:05pm

kiahxand replied to topic Is this all in my head? or do I need to see a DR? Do I have PND?

you have the baby blues it is common there isnt any harm in going to the dr about it if anything it might help you get things off your chest he might be able to get you a support systom as well... ...

Friday 02 September 12:14pm

kiahxand replied to topic 10 mths old. Max. 3 hours sleep. Need big time HELP!!!!

does he snore when sleeping. does he sweet for no reason when sleeping or does he feel cold? jacqui [email protected]

Friday 02 September 11:47am

kiahxand replied to topic Karricare Gold

if she i shaving vomiting you are meant to take adiry products out of there diet till they are better if you are worried about her not having enough vitamins give kids vitamin tablets also get gast...

Friday 02 September 08:59am

kiahxand replied to topic walkers

as long as you dont have stairs and the ground is even and no toys they are fine... it is just that kids have died and even had servere injuries from falling on staris or going over toys makeing th...

Thursday 01 September 10:30am

kiahxand replied to topic Getting rid of the Dummy...

try a night without it let them cry they get over it... do this a few nights and the need for the dummy want be there... even say your a big boy let put all your dummies and bottles in the bin toge...

Thursday 01 September 10:04am

kiahxand replied to topic average age for night toilet training

use pull up at nights and get her to go to the touilet before bed and tell her if she needs to go to the toilet at night ask to go or just go... if she stays dry at night she is ready... nights isn...

Thursday 01 September 09:58am

kiahxand replied to topic toilet trained but hides to do poos re constipation

first off fix the releif of conterpation first and then approuch the need of doing it in the toilet... try duphalate its safe for kids my son and daughter were on it when they were 3weeks old for a...

Thursday 01 September 09:55am

kiahxand replied to topic Nearly 2

it is normal if they have older siblings 9:30 is to late for bed for someone so young try and make the house boring at bed time get everyone have raeding time or something that he isnt going to be ...

Thursday 01 September 09:51am

kiahxand replied to topic Biting holes in dummy's

my daughter use to scream when she had a flat dummy but shegot to the point where she either didnt flatten them because i wouldnt give her a "round" dummy even though she endlessly... try after she...

Thursday 01 September 09:38am

kiahxand replied to topic Nearly 3 yrs old girl. Hits mum, growls and throws things! Help!!!

Hi, maybe she is is upset because she feels that she doesnt have you enough, i know it is hard to have your kids with you when you work full time but try and make sure the time you do spend togethe...

Thursday 01 September 09:28am

kiahxand replied to topic babies and asthma??

a cold if he is sneezing alot... possible dust mites. bed mites???? jacqui [email protected]

Friday 26 August 10:03am

kiahxand replied to topic allergy to potatoes

my children have intollenrences to them but no biggy its the starch in the potatos that people arre allergic to usually. have your tried white potatos thickly peeled skin off??? what happens if she...

Friday 12 August 10:07am

kiahxand replied to topic spiritual babies, toddlers and children.

since ican remember i have always dreamed about my brother haveing a siezure the night before he did... i could tell people where it was going to be and on what day... even if i didnt live with him...

Wednesday 13 July 09:47am

kiahxand started new topic pre-eclempsia?

i had twins when i was 16 and i had preeclempsia from about 19weeks... i was on medication to keep my bloodpressure down from 23weeks and had my kdis at 36weeks but i suffered from a stroke during ...

Wednesday 06 July 09:44am

kiahxand replied to topic Twins Gestation

i have 3 and a half year old twins they were born at 36wks but were small for that because they stopped growing before that, average twin size is only 6lb 4oz so i wouldnt be to concerned... please...

Wednesday 06 July 09:28am

kiahxand replied to topic Anyone attempted a snow trip with their toddler?

yeah i have down a few snow trips with my twins. they ahve a great programme for kids daycare like thing there, but next year she can be up on skis so that will be easier for you.. ah sings songs o...

Tuesday 05 July 11:00am

kiahxand started new topic gromets

when you get grommets they usually give you a head piece that you put on your child when bathing or showering. you can get special ear plugs for swimming doctors can advice you of where to get them...

Tuesday 05 July 10:34am

kiahxand replied to topic Lactose Intolerant

if she is only intolerant dont worry about going to whole thing way out in not giving any lactose because if you do that there body becamse use to no lactose and is harder to get there body use it ...

Tuesday 05 July 10:08am

kiahxand replied to topic What age did your kids start preschool?

it depends if you are refering to preschool or daycare... preschool is only recommanded the year before they start school that is why it is called pre school.. daycare whenever you wish Jacqui ja...

Friday 24 June 10:35am
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