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rubilicious replied to topic Getting back in shape with baby.

a lot of gyms now have child minding, which is great for mums. I joined Fernwood in Qld about 6 weeks ago -when dd was 8 wks old. She loves interacting with all the other kids and I love the time...

Thursday 10 July 02:59pm

rubilicious replied to topic Trying to eat properly with a demanding baby.

this is a tough one and I think all new mums probably neglect themselves at the expense of everyone else in the family! Some things we've done which really help me: hubby cuts up carrot sticks for...

Thursday 10 July 02:52pm

rubilicious replied to topic Putting Baby To Bed

Hi Tanya, I'm no expert as my dd is only 4 months old. Have you tried putting her in the cot awake? How does she react? She doesn't have to be fully awake when you put her in, just aware of what...

Thursday 10 July 02:45pm
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