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Shakira replied to topic 16 month old still not walking!

my son has just started walking at 22 months but he has a delay. At 23.5 months he is still not walking full time and he needs something to pull him-self up on to get to his feet. He also looks for...

Monday 31 May 01:23pm

Shakira replied to topic 3 year old wont eat

hi jacinta my four year old daughter is the same she has 1/2 a wetbix for breakfast 1/2 a sanga for lunch and about a tbs of spud for tea. she to drinks alot but i do stop it before meal times. my...

Tuesday 03 February 09:18pm

Shakira replied to topic What is your 22 month old up to?

hi mishka i had a 2 1/2 year gap between my daughter and son and i found that she was like a little mum helping with nappy changes and bath time i think it made her feel important, plus i encoura...

Tuesday 03 February 09:00pm

Shakira replied to topic Flat Heads

hi darlene my son denzel 19 mths has a flatened head on one side again from sleeping on his side, his pediatricion did xrays when he was about 8 mths and took head measurerments for months but has...

Saturday 17 January 02:28pm

Shakira replied to topic In-turned Ankles

hi Darlene my son denzel was born with turned feet (not club foot) due to the posisiton he was in my tummy. at one month he had a plaster cast on his left for a month which helped heaps, at 12 mont...

Tuesday 06 January 09:16pm

Shakira replied to topic late crawler

hi Lyn I know how you feel my son did'nt crawl till 14 months he to is doing physio and I have found thats what has helped him, they are now teaching him to walk he is now 19 months. Have you read...

Tuesday 06 January 08:58pm

Shakira replied to topic developmental delay

My sons hearing tests have all come back fine but he did not respond to low tone sounds. His delays are from being low toned (muscels) his now 19 months and still nowhere near walking he sat unsupp...

Thursday 01 January 01:40pm

Shakira replied to topic developmental delay

My son had his hearing cheaked at the health centre at 8 months and failed, again at 10 months and failed again. So the nurse refered us to audio at the hospital where he failed again. So we went b...

Thursday 11 December 12:35pm

Shakira started new topic developmental delay

hi I'm a 29 and have 3 kids 2 girls 4 and 10 year and a boy 18 months who has what doctors can only say is a developmental delay. He has had lots of tests from bloods to urine to brain scans and no...

Friday 28 November 10:19pm

Shakira replied to topic can you help me?

Jessica could have colic she sounds like my daughter at that age.I got some colic mixture that my chemist made him self and she was a changed girl over night

Thursday 17 July 01:34pm

Shakira replied to topic Bg age gap!

I have 6 years between my girls and the reason for that was I was only 19 when I had my first and I had a terrible birth and she was very hypo and I think I was to sceared to go back, but when I fi...

Thursday 17 July 01:25pm
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