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julz replied to topic Games

U can make up lots of games by yourself! My baby/toddler enjoys "wheres the baby" with blanket over her face, throwing balls, which hand is toy hiding in, etc let your imagination run!

Friday 29 August 02:53pm

julz replied to topic Constipation

Hi Amy, My daughter also get constipated quite often, started when she started solid food. I find that giving her pears (puried) frequently helps her system! She didnt like the prune juice so this...

Thursday 21 August 02:42pm

julz replied to topic Breast or Bottle?

Hi I just wanted to tell everyone, if your baby is happy and content, what does it matter how you are feeding him/her? Not everyone breastfeeding gets praised either. I come from a family who show...

Wednesday 30 July 09:05am

julz replied to topic 40minute sleeps

Hi My baby also does the 40 minute cycle during the day. I find that sometimes i try to keep her awake for the morning nap so she gets really tired by the afternoon nap time and do 2 cycles ( 1 hou...

Saturday 26 July 10:28am

julz replied to topic Lumpy food

My baby was the same at 6 months and now at 10 months shes just taking little bits of it. She only just started having her first 2 teeth. I have read somewhere that their digestive system may not b...

Thursday 24 July 01:24pm

julz replied to topic who has advice on baby sleeping?

How often does baby wake?

Thursday 24 July 01:15pm

julz replied to topic Illness disrupted routine

Hi Leigh. My 91/2 month old was the same, catching 3 colds plus teething total of 10 weeks disruption. After all that is over ( yes endure all that first) I started to get her REALLY tired during t...

Wednesday 16 July 09:05am

julz replied to topic Teething

Hi Jules. I know how u feel. My 9 1/2 month old was sleeping thru until teething started too. Now on a bad night she wakes EVERY hour! I give her some panadol and that will last for only 4 hours b4...

Wednesday 16 July 09:01am

julz replied to topic baby wakes every 2 to 3 hours

Hi, my baby CEline is also 9 months old and also wakes every 2 to 3 hours! This is considered good as a week ago, for nearly 9 weeks, she was either waking every hour, or staying up for an hour! IT...

Saturday 12 July 03:42pm
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