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amanda01 replied to topic Eating

I wouldnt really worry because my son was pretty much the same untill a growth spurt came along!! They know how much they want and they know when theyre full. i sometimes leave it an hr after his b...

Thursday 20 March 12:48pm

amanda01 replied to topic Starting Solids

I started my 6 mth old baby on solids when he was almost 4 mths old, although he was a hungry baby he wasnt interested in his milk too much. Once i had him on solids we were both alot happier. He s...

Thursday 20 March 12:43pm

amanda01 replied to topic How much does your 71/2 month old weigh?

Hi! my son has just turned 6mths old and he weighed 8.73kgs about a month ago so he'd be at least 9kgs now. i dont think weight is really a problem at such a young age. I was worried that he was to...

Thursday 20 March 12:31pm
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