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LittleEmz started new topic Smelly Infant Hands?

Wondering if anyone else's little ones have stinky hands? I wipe them down daily with baby wipes to try and help, but even after her bath tonight (using a little lavender bath wash on her hand...

Sunday 08 July 08:57pm

LittleEmz replied to topic Roxie Savage??

My first opinion is that it's an 'edgy' name - and unique! You obviously can't get around the surname (which is rough and edgy in itself) but to be fair, on a daily basis, she&...

Wednesday 28 February 06:19pm

LittleEmz replied to topic Ultrasound

When I went for my first scan back at 6w 3d I had a transvaginal scan (as the external ultrasound over my tummy didn't show anything clearly enough for the technician). They didn't put t...

Friday 23 February 12:38pm

LittleEmz started new topic Prurigo of Pregnancy

Hi all, I'm new to the forums but wanted to post to see if there's anyone else out there suffering with Prurigo of Pregnancy? I've been diagnosed by my doctor (after having my own ...

Friday 23 February 12:28pm
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