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proudmum started new topic a great book during pregancy

I bought this book on-line at for my best friend who is pregnant. It is called "Buying for Baby - a guide for parents to be". It has great advice and helps determin...

Thursday 25 March 12:30pm

proudmum replied to topic Kindy Lunchbox

I love sending my little girl with a healthy lunch box. I usually make a sandwich and change what I put in it from ham and cheese, vegemite and cheese and avocado and ham. I also put fruit in such ...

Tuesday 13 January 11:34am

proudmum replied to topic DRINKINGWATER

I personally would stick with just water, it is free, better for their teeth and they won't be demanding it with juice later on. Stick with water as their main drink. It will be worth it in the lon...

Tuesday 13 January 11:29am

proudmum replied to topic baby will only eat canned baby food

Canned food is so different to real food. The taste, texture and smell. Check with the community nurses and see if they have any solutions. Hope you work it out. What canned food is the baby eating?

Tuesday 13 January 11:25am

proudmum replied to topic won't eat vegies

Just a suggestion but see if you can borrow from the library or buy a book called the contented little baby book. It talks you through eating problems and how to go in fixing it.

Tuesday 13 January 11:24am

proudmum replied to topic First solids

Start with the rice cereal until your baby is use to actually eating. Then start with vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, potato and carrot. It is much better starting with vegetables rather ...

Tuesday 13 January 11:20am

proudmum replied to topic Food Ideas for a 6mth old???

I agree with buying baby food books with recipes in them. They will also educate you on what to give and when. You can usually borrow these from the library as well. I cook up big batches and fre...

Tuesday 13 January 11:16am

proudmum replied to topic Feeling Guilty

If you feel guilty then make sure you do the solids part for your baby correctly. This way you can make yourself feel great by not feeding your baby tinned or jarred food. You can really make a dif...

Tuesday 13 January 11:11am

proudmum replied to topic Packets and Jars???

I wouldn't give my baby the noodles as they do have a high sodium content which is to much for their kidneys. Just have a look at the ingredients label and nutrional panel. Make sure the sodium lev...

Tuesday 13 January 11:08am

proudmum replied to topic how do i get my daughter to like vegetables

Just keep trying with the root vegetables like carrot and sweet potato. Please don't give your baby the custards or anything else with sugar in it. Stick with the veggies and you will be rewarded i...

Friday 21 November 05:06pm

proudmum replied to topic Alternative to tinned food

I found that in the frozen section at Woolies, it is called Motherly. It is fantastic and I told all my friends about it. It certainly is different to the jarred stuff.

Friday 21 November 05:02pm

proudmum replied to topic Flying with babies

I flew to the UK when my first child was 18 moths old and I was 8 months pregnant. We also travelled a lot throughout Europe with my toddler and a new baby and then of course back to Australia agai...

Tuesday 12 August 11:02am

proudmum replied to topic Lactose Intolerance

My little girl was lactose intolerant and I gave her goat's milk for a while. She can now tolerate cow's milk which makes things a lot easier. I believe there is a new frozen baby food range out at...

Tuesday 12 August 10:48am
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