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mum2one replied to topic Babylove Strollers

just general poor quality. 1st toddler seat the stitching didnt catch leaving a hole. 2nd toddler seat was put together wrong. 3rd toddler seat one of the domes doesnt stay done up. So far with the...

Monday 31 January 08:10pm

mum2one started new topic Babylove Strollers

Has anyone else brought one of these? I am having a few problems with mine (only a few weeks old) and was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has had any probs. Or not.

Sunday 30 January 10:05am

mum2one replied to topic toilet training wipes?

Does anyone know what supermarkets sell them in nz? ive just started toilet training my nearly 2 yr old and i love the sound of them.

Sunday 30 January 10:01am

mum2one replied to topic Home Births

Yes i've had my wee girl now. 15 days late but shes finally here. I had a homebirth as planned. Everything went great and like you i am so glad that i had the birth at home this time. i will defina...

Saturday 04 December 01:10pm

mum2one started new topic What's to do in Melbourne or Williams Town

Hi everyone, I was just wanting to know a little about what there is to do in these places with an 18 month old. My partner is going to stay in Williams Town for 3 months to do a course. At this st...

Wednesday 23 June 05:18am

mum2one started new topic Dad's going away

Hi all, My partners in the Navy and will soon be going away for a few months. I will be nearly 7 months pregnant and my daughter will be nearly 18 months when he leaves. Does anyone have any ideas ...

Wednesday 12 May 11:41am

mum2one replied to topic refuses to drink cows milk

hi, my daughter also hated the toddler formula and plain cows milk. what i tried was adding a bit of quick (milk flavour) and now she will drink both without any hassles, flavoured of course. i kno...

Wednesday 12 May 11:24am

mum2one replied to topic how long is it between first steps and full walking

hi all, they are all so differnet arent they. my daughter took her first steps yesterday and today shes off. she can walk from one end of our house to the other (small house). she seems to have tak...

Sunday 09 May 05:29pm

mum2one replied to topic Where does the new baby sleep?

Hi, I to am going to be in the same situation come the end of this year. i will have a 20 month gap. at this stage we are going to try and put our 20 month old in with us and settle the newborn int...

Thursday 15 April 05:00am

mum2one replied to topic Middle Names... Ideas Please

Hi Maddychelle, I like the name William Fletcher they sound nice together, another middle name that i like is Joel. I have a thing for short middle names. I hope this helps and let us know what you...

Thursday 15 April 04:44am

mum2one replied to topic Most People Talk About The Terrible Two's... But What Abou The Challenging One's???

hi im another mum with a tantrum throwing 12 month old. we have ben experiencing tantrums for a little while now and they are very trilimg. i have a very strong willed little girl who loves to thro...

Thursday 04 March 10:34am

mum2one replied to topic how early...

i was a sufferer of heart burn with my first pregnancy. not sure when it started but i had it from quite early on. i found that the gaviscon liquid helped. also i used to have a milkshake with lot...

Thursday 04 March 10:15am

mum2one replied to topic Burning

it sounds a bit like heart burn to me. if this is what it is then yes it is perfectly normal. if you are worried about it go and see your midwife/doc or at least give them a ring. i suffered from h...

Thursday 04 March 10:04am

mum2one replied to topic anyone got any ideas?

i replies but like phantom i cant find my post. how about Grace or Gracie. Let us know what you pick.

Thursday 04 March 09:55am

mum2one replied to topic premmie baby 14 weeks too early

Wow what a journey you have been on. i have only just read your posts and im amazed at your strength. id like to think that if i were in your situation i would have taken things as well as you have...

Thursday 04 March 09:41am

mum2one started new topic whats your opinion?

I was just wondering what everyone thought of the name Faith Hope for a girl (first and middle). my friends have mixed opinions on the name. some say they are not nice together and some love it. pl...

Tuesday 02 March 07:23pm

mum2one started new topic Home Births

would love to hear from anyone out the there has had o home birth or is planning on having one. all experiences are welcome both good and bad.

Saturday 28 February 06:40pm

mum2one replied to topic due in october "04" mums to be buddies

im due on the 25th oct. this will be second pregnancy. my daughter bethany has just turned 1 a few days ago. i am expecting this pregnancy to be a bit different due to the fact that i have a young ...

Saturday 28 February 06:39pm

mum2one replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

Hey Kristina, were due very close. this is my seecond baby. first just turned 1 few days ago. im due on the 25th oct. would be nice to chat to you as both our children are going to be the same ages...

Saturday 28 February 06:29pm

mum2one replied to topic Thrush

try bathing in detol. i suffered from thrush with my first pregnancy and used to find this helped. it doesnt take it away completely though. i used to bath in it twice a day when i first felt the t...

Saturday 28 February 06:17pm
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