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Wild_Child replied to topic Baby Girls

Hiya Melis, our 1st born was a girl now 11mths old and our 2nd ( kiani ) due May 6th is also a girl. For starters stay right away from when you are ovulating and secondly your partner/hubby needs t...

Thursday 05 February 10:21am

Wild_Child replied to topic 19 weeks pregnant

Hiya Peta, our baby girl was born 3mths early at home(our first baby) so with no 2 they were looking at putting a stitch in, although they did'nt i'm like you i need lots of rest and see the Dr eve...

Thursday 29 January 11:18am

Wild_Child replied to topic when will I put on weight

Hiya Tones, i have been on the same weight now for about 15yrs(48-52kg) when i was preggies with no 1 i thought yah i'm going to put on weight, no such luck i only put on 1kg hehe. Now i'm preggies...

Thursday 29 January 11:00am

Wild_Child replied to topic I was just wondering.....

Hiya babbakins, have you tried the search engine's on the net to look for pages on this subject? also we have web ferret on our p.c. its free to download and is great when you want to search for th...

Wednesday 28 January 10:10am

Wild_Child replied to topic Is it safe to use a second hand matress?

Hiya Butaflie_dreamer, we have a 10 mth old baby girl and am preggies again(baby due in May). I was given a cot by my hubby's sister which like yours was barely used. I cleaned it out and used it f...

Wednesday 28 January 10:02am

Wild_Child replied to topic moody!!

Hiya Miricals, we have a lil girl Caitlin and i'm due again in May 04. I'm not sure how you could deal with your moods everyone has them. My hubby just tries to be understanding hehe as i can go f...

Sunday 04 January 11:04am

Wild_Child replied to topic Baby hates cot and moves about uncontrollably.

Hiya Kuff, if you are worried about the babies hurting themselve's there are 2 thing you can do 1. buy a cot wrap which goes on the inside of the cot and which is like a padding for baby or 2. fold...

Sunday 04 January 10:31am

Wild_Child replied to topic Baby Hates His Bassinette

Hiya shellybean, when our lil girl first came home i found she would'nt settle so i put an old 2 seater couch in her nursery and i would curl up with her and wait for her to fall asleep then i woul...

Sunday 04 January 10:21am

Wild_Child replied to topic Tummy Sleeping

Hiya Leahlou, our baby girl would'nt sleep on her back and i was worried about sids. So here is what i did at first i slept her on her tummy only during the day so i could keep an eye on her then a...

Sunday 04 January 10:14am

Wild_Child replied to topic How would you spell it

hiya, try the website called they have lots of different spellings. hope this helps.

Sunday 04 January 09:57am

Wild_Child replied to topic names? anything different? I don't have a clue.

Hiya psychick, we to are due for baby number 2 next yr. We found a great site on the internet which gives you the names and meanings, we decided on a hawaiian name for a girl and a latin name for a...

Sunday 04 January 09:52am

Wild_Child replied to topic premmie baby 14 weeks too early

Hiya Kaz-April, i to had a premmie baby girl we also named her Caitlin. Our Caitlin was born at 29 weeks and has now just turned 1 from when she was born 19/12/03 but really is only 9mths old from ...

Saturday 03 January 10:38am
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