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Di B

Di B replied to topic Bottle and water sterilising

Hi, I stopped sterilising my 10 month old baby girls bottles when she started crawling, this was at 6 months. As who knows what they put in there mouths once they get on the move.

Saturday 03 April 12:48pm
Di B

Di B replied to topic Cradle Cap

Hi Tracey, My bub had cradle cap up until 4 mths I used olive oil which I found to be succesful but then would appear again in a few days so I just kept persisting eventually it goes away. I also...

Friday 20 February 02:47pm
Di B

Di B replied to topic moves around in cot

Hi, My baby girl Lauren (9mths) also moves around her cot at night lying on her tummy or legs sticking out the bars. I am not concerned about this. I would use those sleeping bag's but not at ...

Wednesday 11 February 10:01pm
Di B
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