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mylan started new topic abdominal pain

My 7 month old has recently had an 'intussusception where his bowel has 'telescoped into itself. Have any other mothers come across this with their babies, and has it re-occurred. It apparently occ...

Monday 25 August 05:17pm

mylan replied to topic travelling overseas with a baby

Hi Debra, It's good to know that having a baby isn't stopping you from travelling. We went to the States with my one and a half year old niece, and asked for the seats near the exit doors, half way...

Wednesday 23 April 02:58pm

mylan started new topic nasal congestion

How do I help my baby breath while he is feeding. He fights me when it is his feed time because he doesn't seem to be able to breath. He is 3 months old

Wednesday 23 April 02:33pm
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