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bubsworld replied to topic What age should i start my son @ Gymbaroo???

Hi Ann I know that you can start gymbaroo, From 6 weeks old. I am a nanny for 10 years now, i've been looking after a little girl for 14months now, and she was 2 months premmie. I took her to gymb...

Monday 22 November 12:16am

bubsworld replied to topic bubsworld make contact

hey nicky, i was wondering if you were available now for a chat? natalie

Thursday 11 November 11:20pm

bubsworld replied to topic HELP!! TRYING TO CONCIEVE

hi kirsty, you are supposed to test 2 weeks after your periods, for 5 days. Don't stress, as this can be affecting your periods being all over the place. And since you have already had a child, i...

Wednesday 10 November 02:33am

bubsworld started new topic hi! looking for expecting parents in late december and early 2005

hi, i'm not a mum, but i will be looking after my nephew, who is due in december. My sister will be returning to work. I live in castle hill, and i'm looking for parents and carers, to maybe chat ...

Friday 05 November 12:52am
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