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Hi it should be ok in early pregnancy. i know what it's like i am a real tummy sleeper always have been and when i got pregnant with my first i found it really hard to sleep on my side but when you start ppping out more you will not be able to sleep on your tummy at all and will have to start lying on your side so maybe start getting use to it now because when you are more pregnant it's hard to sleep anyway without getting uncomfortable. you could try using a pillow or something to support under the side you are lying on. i use to lie sort of half way between my stomach and side(if that makes sence) so the bub wasn't squashed and i felt more comfortable

Hi i started my DD on solids just after she was 4 months old as she was needing more to get throught the day. i think your bub will let you know when they really need more and if your bub is doing that now than you could try some rice cereal but i would not put it in a bottle but in a bowl and there is instructions on the box to let you know how much to make up. I have a friend who started her bub on solids at about 3.5 months as he was needing more and kept watching them eat and he was ready to start then. so i say if he seems ready give it a try if he is not interested in food wait a week or so and try again. good luck

Hi just wanted to add that you do not always tare or need stitches. i had my first last september and she was 7pound 2 and i had a very slight tare that did not require any stitches. i know it can be a scary time especially being your first but just do what feels natural to you during the birth and like one of the other ladies mentioned you would get a anethetic so you don't feel the stitches and you probabaly will be too exhusted and too happy to see the bub to ever worry what they are doing to you. good luck and feel free to ask any questions

Hi Joanne with my first i finished work at 34 weeks and i started doing a crossstitch which i finished pretty quickly. i kept in touch with friends and went out for luch a bit to keep sane. also did up the bubs room for something else to do. i am really in to scrapbooking now so that is keeping me same while on mat leave and pregnant with my second

Hi i only moved to WA last November and am looking to chat with people in the beldon area i have a 5 month old girl and am currently 11 weeks pregnant. hope to chat soon

Hi my daughter is 5 months also and started on solids about 5 weeks ago she had about 2-3 days where she was not interested in eating any solids and only ate about 2-3 teaspoons if we were lucky but now for the last 3 days is back and loving them she is now eating 2 solid meals a day of about 2-3 tablespoons aswell as her bottles. maybe just give her a few days and hopefully she will be interested again

Hi Leia i'm glad you asked this question because i am in the same situation with a second on the way and due when the first will be 1 y/o i think from what i have looked at the side by side look and feel better i don't like the thought of the long ones. also i like the three wheelers with the big wheels not the plastic ones i have been looking at one a steelcraft twin aroung $399 that is suppose to fit through standard 780mm doorways (well thats what it says although i have never measured a door to see how wide it is so i guess it does fit through) good luck on picking

Hi Calebs mum my daughter is on S26 gold also and she never has it warmed by her choice because she never liked it warm we just make it at normal room temp and that is fine hope that helps

Hi i live NOR and go to Joondalup gymbaroo but you can go onto and it has a list of all their locations. i really reccomend gymbaroo my daughter is 5 months old and she absolutly loves it i will definatly continute to do this each term hope that helps

Hi Caitlyn thanks heaps for posting this message my daughter has just started teething and we had brought one of these rings late last year so now will be sending it back luckily had not used it yet.