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I would love to know who gets into the finale please PM me too

Posted by: Jazminsmum Hi all just got home from work, pretty cruisy night. Well i booked in to the hospital so far im the third one to book in for october. I then had app with midwife and that took forever she wouldn't even let my DF in because she had to ask q's on domesic violence. Then she was like you need a 12 week scan and then i was left waiting in the corridor (appox 20mins) while she tired to get the dr to write a referral which of course he wouldn't. He was pretty cranky at her even pulled her into the staff room and was like you can't give out ultrasounds blah blah. SO now i have to have app with dr so i can have counselling before getting the NT scan pretty crap and after all that i will be over 14 weeks before ill even have the scan so there's no point because you have to have it before 14weeks. I swear i always get stuck with medical ppl who really don't know what they are doing. Just my luck. Anyway im off to bed. It's normal for then not to let your partner in whil...

Hi Everyone Got my NT results today trisomy 21(downs syndrome) is 1:17662 Trisomy 13 (patua syndrome) and Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) 1:12608 So all low risk factor for me thank god. Has anyone else got their results back yet? I also had another hospital appointment with the OB today and they are doing some blood tests for antibodies and liver function and a few other things to see if there are any underlying problems because i've had high blood pressure and cholestasis in previous pregnancies. So I have to go back again in 2 weeks to get the results

Posted by: bump#4 Hey JSCnBump I was meaning to ask how you're getting along with your partner away? I hope he's safe and well aswell as you & your family. Sara xo We are going ok. been almost 3 weeks now and kids are slowly adjusting. But I seem to have less patients at the moment and DD#1 (3year old) doesn't want to listen to what i ask her to do so it's been a very trying couple of weeks. Also the girls are waking a lot through the night now so sleep is not happening much. He is Safe and well luckily he is not is a really dangerous place at the moment got a call from him last night so that was really nice.

Posted by: mum_to_matt For those of you who have had forceps with a birth, have you had it again with the next one? I'm freaking out about having to have a forceps delivery again, I really don't want one. I didn't have forceps but had a vaccum assisted delivery with my first so similar just different method and did not require any assistance with the 2nd or 3rd. So it's possible you wont need any assistance this time. Not sure why you needed the forceps but i required the vacuum because DD#1 was posteria and just not coming out but DS was also posteria and i did not require assistance Kez so sorry to hear you DH lost his job i really hope something else comes up for him really soon. Thats the last thing you need to be worrying about with a bub on the way

Definatly take your Mum. It's very similar to the 18-20 week scan Bubs is just smaller but you can see arms, legs face(not as defined as later) we even had a little wave yesterday. The features are just not as defined as they are in the later scan and bubs still looks a little like a bean on the top side lol it's hard to explain

OMG guess what Chris took a step today. He did it 2 times. Lined hiself up (in my direction) Steadied himself and took a step. He then fell on his bum but it was so cute So he might be walking soon. Doesn't really surprise me Jess was walking at 9 months and Steph at 10 months

It could definatly be bubs kicking. I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and I can feel it kicking. It's not all the time or anything but definatly little ones here and there. When i had my ultrasound yesterday the lady was trying to get bub to move it's hand away from it's face and pushed down on my tummy with the thing and i felt it and saw it kicking on the screen, so know i'm not imagining it This is my 4th bub so maybe thats why I can feel it already. I think it also depends how bubs is sitting it there

Oh yeah i forgot to say Phils and Teds prams are EXCELLENT. I use to have an e3 and now have a P&T Vibe the highest model and love it. Although I will be selling it and getting one that can be converted to have 3 kids in it. I will definatly miss my P&T And yes it does convert to have 2 kids in a few different ways

Mel I hope the teeth settle down for Will soon. Chris has been a little unsettled the last few night. I'm thnking it might be the heavy rain waking him up. I had my 13 week ultrasound today and so for the measurement for downs look good. Had the bloods done after and should get the results in a few days. Got a call from the hospital on tuesday and the Doctor wants me to see him next tuesday instead of next month i think because i had Cholestasis with Chris. So might have to go see them more often. Anyway better go and get some house woprk done while the girls are at daycare