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just another quick one from me. I just found out on facebook this morning that my SIL (DH's brothers wife) has lost her baby she was due a month after me and was their first. I left her a mesage on facebook but do you think I should call or sms her or something or just leave it up to her to call me? I'm thinking of leaving it for now we are pretty good friends but I dont want her to feel worse because I am still pregnant KWIM. But I also dont want her to think I dont care. If Daniel was here than he would call his brother but with him away i'm not sure what to do and I wont be able to talk to Daniel until atleast tonight as it's middle of the night there

Hi Everyone I'm hardly getting time to come on here at the moment. I feel so flat out all the time. Mel thats good that someone brought the centre at least now it will stay open. The girls are at a different centre at the moment while Daniel is away still ABC but not a closing one. But the defence ones have been taken over by a different mob and we are hoping to get them back in there once Daniel is back as I like that centre much better. Yay for Will taking some steps. Chris has sort of slowed on the steps he is still doing it every now and then but he's had a few bumps so i think that put him off a bit I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since Daniel left. The kids have settled down but i'm worried how unsettled they are going to be when he gets home, especially Steph she gets so worked up with change

Hi Everyone I can't believe i'm over 16wk already it seems to be going pretty quick now. I think we DH away because it's so buisy here I keep forgetting how far along i am. I had another OB's appointment yesterday to get my blood test results but most of them weren't back yet but did find out my Iron levels are low. I got to hear bubs heartbeat and i'm measuring perfectly too. It's definatly good to hear bubs heartbeat to know all is good in there. Got my ultrasound in 2 weeks. Oh i cant wait but i really wish DH was here as he was for the other 3 kids. So hoping to find out what we are having. Someone mentioned about names. I cant remember if i have mentioned before but I like Charlotte for a girl and Oliver for a boy. I already have Jessica, Stephanie and Christopher and think they all sound good together lol.

I was in WA when i had DD#2 and my OB was Dr Susan Isdale who works with Dr Norman. I saw Dr Norman a few times and yes she is really good and so is Dr isdale. I actually tried to book Dr Norman first but she was booked out but was extremly happy with Dr Isdale. Joondalup Private is very nice. It's joined to the public hospital but a bit more upper class lol They have some rooms with double beds and your partner can stay in there with you. Great staff and food. The floors are all carpeted in the rooms so makes it a bit more homely. Good luck with choosing and feel free to ask any more questions

Dont stress too much, i know easier said then done. At least you went and got checked out and if you do have cholestasis they will know soon and be able to do all the necessary things. I'm only 15 weeks pregnant at the moment and have started to get really itchy already and hope it's not starting this early. I had bloods done last week and go back next week for results as they did a whole range of tests. Let us know how you go with the results and I hope it's just a normal pragnancy itch.

Hi Everyone Hoe are we all?: I havn't been on much latley i've been so buisy. Poor Kye I hope he is feeling better soon. Chris is sick too has a snoggy nose and a cough. Poor thing keeps waking at night because he nose is all yucky. Mel - Zoe sounds very similar to Jess. She is 3.5yold and knows basic colours/shapes, talking is coming along really well now but still a few things to work on. She can count to 11 and is learning the abc's at the moment. She is really good with physical things like throwing, kicking, running that sort of thing She knows the words (well most of them) to a few of her fav songs She does the counting if i am doing anything she likes to count how many things i have She can also dres and undress herself I'm not sure what they are expected to do but they sound very similar. Although depending what state we are in next year if we are still in NSW Jess wont be going to school until 2011 so has a bit longer

I have just updated the timeline if I have missed anyone or got something wrong please PM me and I will update it

Hi Everyone Sorry i havn't been on for a little while so have not updated the timeline for a little bit. I will go thrugh and update it shortly mumofkayla - I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and I wish you all the best for the future with whatever you decide to do. Welcome to all the new ladies to the thread we seem to have a lot of people due in October. I am a bit paranoid at the moment, since yesterday i have been REALLY itchy and am wondering if i have Cholestasis again already. I didnt get it until around 36 weeks last pregnancy and dont know if i can put up with the itch for 20+ weeks. I had blood done last week so i'm going to OB on tuesday next week to get the results so i will probabaly get more done next week now.

Give your hospital a call asap as extremly itchy hands and feet can be caused by Cholestasis and you will need blood tests done to rule this out. I got this around 36 weeks with my last pregnancy and it feels like no matter how much you scratch the itch does not seem to go away. I dont want to alarm you but you should get checked out asap as there are risks and they prefer you to have the baby by 38 weeks and the tests can take a few weeks to come back. I hope it's just normal pregnancy itching but better to get checked Good luck

I think i might know what that twist is after reading this weeks TV week as to what is happening on the show next week. I still really want to know who is in the finals