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I gave Chris egg the other night made up a Quiche and decided stuff it i will see how he goes and he was fine with it. Chris doesnt get into cupboards (yet) just tries to get in the bloody bin all the time. But Daniel send over some magnetic letters and since i put them on the fridge that has distracted him a bit. It's really annoying I cant put a gate up to block just the kitchen as there is an angle and no wall on 1 side I could put 1 in the hall way but that will also stop Jess from getting to the toilet. Chris is starting to walk more now I can see he is getting braver he sort of looks where he wats to go and then starts taking steps although a lot of the time he falls on his bum before geting there lol. I'm so annoyed Daniel is going to have to stay over in the middle east up to a month longer and wont be getting back until August some time instead of July. I so dont know how i'm going to do this for another 3 months 2 months more was bad enough and i'm going to be so big b...

hi Everyone hope all are feeling well Cant remember who said it but all the fridge locks i have used are crap they always end up loosing their stickyness or snapping after a few weeks or DD#1 works out how to get into them. I've given up now on using them lol. Pain relief - I will be going straight for the EPI lol and i'm not embaressed to admit it. Although they dont work totally on me, my right side works for a little bit and wears off or doesnt work at all but atleast i get some relief from it lol. I've had pethadine with DD#1 and it did crap all didnt even let me sleep. had gas on and off when the EPI stopped working that was interesting it makes your mouth go weird and feels like a headspin or your stoned lol with DS it took me 45 minS to go from 3cm dialated to fully dialted so this time might be even quicker so i will definatly need an epi cause it's bloody painfull lol (me EPI started wearing off after 30 mins with DS) I think with pain relief you need to go in with an op...

Hi everyone Gee I havn't been on in a while been so busy, i started to write a post the other day but got pulled away half way through. Kazza sorry to hear your mother day wan't good. Mel glad you got what you wanted. I got a present each from the girls from pre school Jess was a photo in a handmade frame and Steph a little photo book of her day at pre school. Also Daniel is sending something over it just hasn't arrived yet. I found out last week we are having another boy so that works out really well 2 girls then 2 boys. I cant believe i'm already 19 weeks it has gone so quickly. I'm holding off on a party for Chris until Daniel is home

Hi Everyone Sorry I havn't been on in a while I will update the timeline in a minute with the people that have PM'd me if I dont add you send me a PM as it's to hard to go through all the posts to find the ones I need. And whoever mentioned about adding the babies sex to the timeline when we find out is a great idea I will start now but can everyone please PM me again it's hard to keep up with all the posts at the moment. I had my scan on tuesday and we are having another BOY woo hoo. we already have 2 girls and a boy so it makes it even. Everything with bubs is fine. The placenta is only 2mm of being classed as low lying so that was a close call. I'm starting to feel kicks a lot more now. I have also been getting really bad headaches something i haven't had in previous pregnancies.

Hi Everyone I cant wait i have my scan next Tuesday I can't wait and definatly hoping to find out what we are having Kez - Yes I have a 2 year old going through the terrible 2's and also a 3 year old going through the terrible 3's lol With my 3 year old she never hafd the terrible 2's I thought woo hoo that was lucky well not so much because now she is 3 it is the worst I swear she is 3 going on 13 lol So I have to going through it at the mometn and driving me insane. Havn't had any punching but plenty of back chatting only since she has been at her new pre school so i think she picked it up there. I'm hoping they both grow put of it soon but i dont think DH being away is helping either

Posted by: rae06 lol JSCnBump we are navy - i guess if you want to see your hubby dont marry a defence guy they are never home!!! LOL very true. I'm just glad this deployment is only 4 months could have been much worse

I'm in week 5 with 3 months to go at the moment. Had 3 months a few years ago when I only had 2 kids. I'm a RAAF wife so thats why such a long time here

Hi Hereis her page. Not sure if you have to be friends with her to see it as it's been ages since i've used myspace but she is on my friends list

If I remember right you are in the Penrith area like me? I had the same thing GP referred me and said they do both and I thought it was weird that they do it at the same place but what happened with me is after the scan they gave me the referral to get the bloods done at a nearby blood testing place so the results would go to them

Thanks Kerry I didn't end up calling yesterday but Daniel called here last night and when i told him what happened he wanted to call them and did last night. I sent them both an email this morning letting them know i'm thinking of them and have been chatting to her via email(i think it's easier for her that way at the moment). I'm getting her a Russ Shining Star bear you get the bear and the rights to name a star, so she can name it after her little one. I decided to let her know I am doing it and she really loves the idea to help her remember bubs. Yay for Kye standing and walking around holding things it's such an exciting age when they are learning all these new things. Glad his spots are going down