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Posted by: mum_to_matt What I'm wondering is, I can discharge myself but can I discharge the baby? I only want to stay in over night max, but what if bub hasn't had the heel prick test and the hep?? needle? Can I still go home and go to my local gp to get that done? Check and see if your hospital has an early release program. when i had DS last year we both left after 1 night and then had a midwife come and see us at home a couple of times and did the heel prick and other checks there. some hospitals you can leave after a few hours assuming you and bubs are both fine I will also be trying to get out of hospital asap

Kez - i usually have to put the toys on layby with DH getting a lot of extra money for being over in the middle east meant i could buy it out right for once I cant see down there any more i can still see my toes at the moment but not for much longer

Ash - I hope you start feeling better soon and bubs starts growing and the steroids help. Welcome Erin and the other newbies I will update the timeline shortly. I know what you are all talking about with feeling so run down. I feel like that every day, it's so hard keeping up with 3 kids and doing all the house stuff. I cant wait for DH to get home only 6.5 weeks to go now, would have been 2.5 weeks but he has to stay over there an extra month stupid RAAF. morningcoffee - sorry to hear bubs is not thriving. did you have an amnio done? i had to have 1 with DS at 22 weeks for trisomy 21 and it was a hard thing waiting for those results. Luckily for us he is fine. If you want to chat feel free to PM me and I hope everything is ok with bubs. keep us updated. I went into the Big w and Kmart toy sales today got everything i wanted except a dora princess dress for DD#1. didnt bother putting the stuff on layby just brought it all, especially with the stupid layby system kmart had this y...

thanks Mel you actually helped a lot it's good to know other people are having the same problems. i wish chris would take his dummy he use to only have it at sleep time but just rips it straight out and throws it now Jess and Zoe sound very similar Jess didnt go through the terrible 2's either but is the same now never listens and talks back, she mostly terrorises Steph so Chris is lucky there. but she is definatly a hand full at the moment and Steph is going through the terrible 2's and chucking mega tantrums over nothing all the time so it's like living in a mad house here at the moment and being pregnant and Daniel being away is definatly not helping either

Hi ladies Mel - I'm not so good thinkgs are hard at the moment and i still have 2 months left. Chris is getting through at least 3 of his first molars plus i think 2 of his canines are about the come through too and he is turning into a total nigthmare. he has decided he does not want his dummy since they started coming through but he just screams as soon as i put him in bed even though he is tired. like just now he fell asleep on me and i moved him into his cot as soon as i put him down he started screaming the house down. he has been doing this every sleep time and i'm having to try controlled crying on him but he is very stubborn. he is so clingy ALL the time i cant go anywhere or do anything wothout him sceaming and wanting to be picked up he is lucky to be getting 30 mins sleep through the day and thats making he even crankier. I just dont know what to do anymore.I'm so tired i get hardly any sleep with the girls coming in to my bed still how can little people take up so...

Happy Birthday Will!!! He shares his birthday with Daniel lol pity he isnt here with us to celebrate it. Mel we didnt do much for Chris' birthday my parents came down and we had lunch and a cake and of course presents lol I'm thinking about doing a triple party for all the kids this year Daniel is getting back in mid to late august (hopefully) and Steph's birthday is early september and Jess late september so i might just combine it all trogether. I think Chris is getting another tooth he is dribbling heaps and been stirring a lot through the night and i can see it just under the gum Girls have their pre school photos on monday i cant wait to get them hopefully they will both co operate. the only problem is they dont go on mondays so i have to take them in for the photo and then leave and i'm betting they will want to hang around and play lol

Posted by: Cassie71 Someone mentioned something about taking aspirin, I'm just wondering why? That was me. I had a whole heap of blood tests done around 12 weeks to look for different things because i've had high blood pressure of and off through previous pregnancies and also had cholestasis last pregnancy so they wanted to see if there was any underlying conditions. i came back with a few things 1 being positive ANA protein this can cause differnt issues like miscarraige, blood pressure probs, placenta not working right stuff like that so they put me on low dose asprin to try and stop any of that i have to take it until 34 weeks

Hi Ladies Mel those dresses are beautiful. I havn't got Chris' 12 month needles yet but will be going tomorrow. had so many things on havn't had time yet I will have to get him weighed and measured too it's been a little while and he is definatly getting big now and he never stops eating. Chris is getting really good a walking now althougnh still stacks it a bit but walks all around the house now and can stand up without using anything to help him oh he is growing up to fast lol better go feed the kids before they start screaming lol

Kez - glad to hear your bubs kidneys are fine. after the technician do a scan it always goes to a senior technician or doctor to get reviewed so maybe when they looked at the results found there wasn't actually a problem and the technician made a mistake

Hi Everyone Wow i havn't been on here much latley it's hard to get the time with DH away and the 3 kids running around. Just found out DH will be away an extra month so he is away with work 5 months total now and not getting back until late august. grrr so annoying I have updates the timeline with people who have PM'd me but it's too hard to keep up with all the posts that come on here so if you want to be added to the timeline or your babies gender added please PM me and i will update it I have another appointment with the OB at the hospiotal tomorrow i'm kinda getting sick on it. I've been going every 2 weeks since 10 weeks and will be that way the rest of the pregnancy until it's weekly. Has anyone else been out on low dose asprin during pregnancy? I have been put in this for then last 2 weeks because if some protein found in my blood. ok i will stop typing this novel now sorry Erin