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Hi Everyone Man it has been busy here gfor the last 1.5 weeks since DH got home. man it is so nice to have him back so i can get a bit of a break. When i had my OB appointment last week got bloods back and i'm aneamic so that explains why i have been so exhusted. I have to go see my GP because the OB at the hospital was all booked out. We chose not to get DS#1 circumsised and would only do it if medically necessary and will do the same with this boy. But I think as long as you look into it and make an informed decision that you will make the right choice for your son. It is a hard thing to decide. I have just under 5 weeks to go now wow it has gone so quick. I still havn't packed my hospital bags yet i should really get onto that lol. How long is everyone else planning to stsay in hospital for? I was speaking to them last week and as long as there are no problems with me or bubs we can leave within 6 hours of giving birth, so i think with the kids at home I will probabaly tak...

hi everyone sorry i havmt been on much things are so hectic here still, but i have been readinng the email updates Posted by: Princess_Bubba_Bump JSCnbump - is your hubby home yet? Bet you are hanging out for a rest He is due home on Thursday WOO HOO hopefully they wont be delayed. It has been a very very long 5 months and i am looking forward to him getting home and having a break. I had my OB appointment today i'm on weekly visits now and my blood pressure was a bit high this week hoprfully it's a 1 off I'm 33+3 weeks now and am really hoping the next 6.5 weeks goes fast. DH is home for 5 weeks of that so i guess that will help time fly I'm not having much trouble sleeping i think i am so exhusted by the end of the day so that helps I have been nauseous and vomiting for the past 3 weeks and it's really getting annoying

Have a look at ABC adventure buggy They are expensive but have a lot of variations from a single pram up to quads. I have a single buggy with reclining toddler seat and love it. it's really easy to steer and the kids loike being on top as opposed to our phil and teds. also you would not be able to have a skateboard attached to the phil and teds when in 2 toddler position(usually from when 2nd bub is 6 months) because the second seat would be where the skateboard would go

With Mat bras usually you can get it from 5-6 months pregnant. Usually you go up 1 bra size and 1-2 cup sizes. When you re trying it on just make a fist and see if it fits in the cup lol so when your milk comes in the size should still be right and you wont have to buy more. You might get colostrum before bubs is born but your actual milk shouldnt come in until about 2-5 days after bubs is born. you will know when it comes in as you boobs will be huge and very feel very full lol i've been getting a bit of what i guess is morning sickness the last week and the slightest thing is making me almost vomit usually only in the morning. Which really sux because i usually like to do the cleaning in the morning before i get too exhusted

Oh look at all your cute bellies you all look really good. I will try put a pic up tonight depends how long it takes. I have used all my dowloading for the month downloading too many tv shows oops so i have been slowed and everything takes so long to load lol Mel mine might be bigger than yours although it's hard to tell

Hi, I dont blame you for worrying and wanting to know what you are up against. Was it your GP you saw or an OB? because i would double check about getting the amnio done. with my last pregnancy i had problems picked up at my 20 week scan and an amnio done at 22 weeks. A CVS another way of checking for genetic disorders is done earlier in pregnancy than an amnio mayby your doctor got them confused good luck and I hope you are able to get one done if you want it done

no you dont usually have another scan after 18-20 weeks unless there is a problem or sometimes you can talk them into it just for the sake of it I got my new pram delivered today so exciting. Now i just have to clean up my phil and teds vibe and sell it

Hi everyone I had my hossy appointment today got results from my glucose test all good there. i'm measuring at 32cm already and i'm only 28 weeks. had more bloods done today to test my liver function and bile acid to see if i have cholestasis. i've been sick the last few days and it's really taking it out of me i'm so tired Kez - I did Dh's tax through etax last week and he is getting a nice big refund too oh I cant wait for that to come through. I dont have to do one this year for the first time in like 9 years. I havnt set anything up in the way of a nursery. Bubs will be in our room in a bassinette until he grows out of it and DS is using the cot at the moment so cant set that up and we will probabaly be moving december sometime anyway so no point in getting things too set up. Also the room is being used to store things in at the moment

For 2 or 3 kids in a pram look at ABC Adventure buggy I am getting one of their prams just waiting on delivery. ther are lots of different styles to choose from from single to quad prams They are expensive but the only other 3 child pram i have seen is a long limo styly one which i think would be hard at the shops I currently have a phil and teds VIBE but will be selling that once this pram comes. The phil and teds is good for 2 kids but i find that DS gets a bit annoyed being at the back now because when DD#2 walks he is in the front and likes it there

I would NOT rocommend the coccon for a summer baby it would get way too hot. I had one with september babies and they got way too hot in there then so i only used it a couple of times but it was definatly good for a late may baby.