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Congrats Alissa on the birth of your beautiful little girl I am so over being pregnant only 3 days to my due date. Had my hossy appt yesterday and the OB did an internal and cervix is still closed so looks like bubs is not looking at making an appearance any time soon. I also had to get a CTG done due to hardly any movements and i have to do a kick chart, has anyone else done this before? Alana - I hope all is well with your little ones and they look at inducing you soon, it's hard enough carrying 1 baby

Posted by: heidiljk i wish this baby would hurry up iam soooooooo over it the heart burn is driving me crazy. is anybody else having #4 or 5? I'm so over being pregnant too and wish this little man would come out soon. This is bub #4 for me I came down with the kids stomach bug on wednesday night and felt soooo bad was up most of the night thankfully i'm better today it's DD#1 4th birthday and we are having a small party just family tomorrow and i have so much to organise I had a few little niggles yesterday morning I was hoping it would go on to full on contractions but they went away after awhile i think it was just from all the vomiting and stuff

I had my DS at westmead and they were rweally good. They have a brand new delivery suite and maternity ward. The clinic is a bit hectic and i had to wait a while sometimes but other than that I have no complaints with them at all

Bups - how exciting to know when it will all be happening and I hope all goes well with the c-section If anyone wants to add me to facebook i'm under Erin Richards and the photo is of DS in a blue shirt

Alissa - Glad to hear bubs has finally turned for you My Girls - I hope you are feeling better and hope your kids dont catch it DD#1 picked up a tummy bug last week from preschool and DS has been sick the last few days. Hopefully no one else gets sick it's DD#1 birthday on friday I must be nesting(which i never did with the other kids) last week we got a skip and went through the garage and stuff and threw so much out then the last few days i have fixed up the spare room and set up some new draws, change table and stuff with bubs clothes and stuff. Then today I cleaned out and re arranged the toy room. hmmm what to do tomorrow

Mel - I agree bubs is probabaly just running out of room at this late stage. If your not feeling bubs move much at all just give the hospital a call and they will tell you if you need to go in and be monitored. I think it's atleast 10 movements in 12 hours you should be feeling at this stage of pregnancy

Posted by: Jazminsmum Hey girls Just a couple of q's I did breast feed Jaz but i can't remember what breast pads i liked the best. So what would you guys recommend? Kez I like the pigeon premium breasgt pads they are really comfortable and hold a lot without leaking and have an odour eliminator. I tried a few different sorts with DD#1 but found they to be scratchy on my nipples but so used these for all 3 so far. With the car seat we had to get a safe and sound compaq convertable seat to fit 3 carseats when we had a commodore. it's a slim design so you might be able to use it in the middle seat and it will sit between the front seats. I have been gertting really bad hip pain the last few weeks walking is getting very painful will have to mention again on tuesday. only 1 week 6 days until my due date and he is not engaged yet but mine never do until i'm in labour. I'm hoping he comes out early but knowing my luck he will be overdue lol

Hi Everyone Wow we are all getting so close now. You ladies are so organised with having bage packed i have less than 3 weeks now and I still havnt packed my bags lol I went through all DS#1 baby clothes yesterday and have the bassinette set up in our room now. I will try and pack my bags today. Jazzysmum - I have the girls on childcare for 2 days a week even though i dont work. It's nice to have a day or 2 with just the new baby and gives you time to catch up on things while they are not there. although I will have DS 15 months here too but atleast it's a bit of a break. I have my OB appointment today i'm so over going it's nice to hear bubbies heartbeat but I have been going fortnightly since 12 weeks and weekly since 33 weeks

I had DD#2 at Joondalup private in 2006 and the OB i used was Susan Isdale and she was really good. The staff there were great and the rooms and everything were really good too

Posted by: *alana* i think ive pulled a muscle in the top of my tummy or righty has managed to kick me hard enough to bruise me either way it hurts especially when i stand I've also split a muscle on top of my tummy and it really hurts when i move a certain way or if the kids put pressure on it. The OB told me it is common with the more pregnancies you have with all the stretching the muscle bacsically seperates