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DS#2 was born 7th october 09 and i lodged the form at medicare on the friday after he was born and got the first installment on the wednesday after that

Marni - I am also really concerned about Erin, from her facebook status and the comments that are after it. Erin I'm thinking of you and your family and hope that you are ok. Dh has 2 weeks off work he goes back thursday and is doing higher duties when he gets back os doesnt want to take anymore time I hope i cope alright with 4 kids. we are also moving in december and he has about 4 weeks off then so that will be good Congrats to everyone that has had their bubs and labour vibes for everyone still waiting

Good Luck Tracy. Dont be scared about getting the epidural in it will definatly help you relax and being your first and induced it might be a long labour. Also i wou,d suggest if you have the gel and the contractions are feeling a bit unbearable try and see if you can get the epi in before getting the drip because they will usually come on hard and fast once the drip is in. Zara - How did you go with the midwife? I hope bubs is making their entrance for you now Labour vibes to all who are still waiting

Hi Everyone Oliver Shane was born this morning at 1:02am weighing a huge 4.1kg, 50cm long and hc 35cm. I was in pre labour with irregular contractions since sunday and was not progressing only was still only 2cm last night but they did yet another stretch and sweep and got it to 3cm then a shift change came on and a really good midwife and she was happy to put me in the birthing suite to chill out in the bath and see if they gets me to 4cm so she could break my waters which it did. they were broken just after midnight and I had a very quick labour after that and went fromn 4cm to 10 in around 40 mins then only took about 10 mins to push him out. He is much bigger then my other 3 and i'm proud to say i did it all without drugs (except a little gas) when the others i had a epi with Good luck to everyone still waiting to have their bubbas

Kez - good idea we should start a post on the baby-when was your baby born section for us too. I have been having irregular contractions so far today really hoping it will turn into regular contractions by tomorrow i have to go into the hossy for bloods and ctg anyway so would be nice to just stay there and have him lol

Hi Everyone Well today is officially my due date and no sign of bubs coming anytime soon lol. I had a haircut today and went and saw a movie while DH watched the 3 kids, it was nice to get out for the day on my own. Congrats Kiwicanuck on the birth of Tessa Well i'm trying the 3 hot things to bring on labour had a bit of a walk around the shops today and i'm going to have curry for dinner tonight and DH i trying to talk me into the sex part too and see if that kicks things off lol Karen - with the itching I forgot to mention that with cholestasis the itching or atleast the worst of it is usually on your hands and feet but can be other places too. I find my feet are the worse, so you might just have a normal pregnancy itch Labour vibes to all

Lana - Yes it is picked up via blood test. A liver function test gives an indication but it doesnt always show stright way this is what i got yesterday and it showed the particular enzyme rising They can also do a bile acid test which is more accurate but this takes up to 2 weeks to come back. With the itching if it is keeping you up at night definatly mention it to your gp tomorrow, does the itch go away when you scratch? it is usually so bad that it lasts hours or all day/night and no matter how much you scratch or what you try scratching with it just wont go away

Kez - It's where the liver stops processing bile properly and causes extreme itchyness (no matter how much you scratch it doesnt go away) and can also cause jaundice and bleeding problems during birth. Also if you have it there is a 15% higher chance of still birth especially the closer you are to being due so thats why i am stressing right now and am really hoping he decides to come out on his own this weekend. I'm having a crap day here too the girls are running around like lunatics DD#2 is screaming over everytihng and i have no patience at all today and DH usually finishes at 12 on fridays but has to stay back

I hope we hear some more baby news soon. I'm due tomorrow and DS doesnt look like he wants to come out yet. I had to go to the delivery suite yesterday because i've been extremly itchy the last few days and looks like i'm getting cholestasis again(had it last pregnancy) but the hossy is so full at the moment they have to send all pre term women to other hospitals and there are no induction spots until next friday. so i have to go back on monday and get more bloods and ctg done again and if my levels are still rising they will have to induce me earlier. I'm just really worried now because with cholestasis the closer you are to due date the more risks there are to the baby and it looks like i will be over by the time I have him Jaymi - I know how you feel i a so over being pregnant i have really bad right hip pain it's making me limp and some times it is too painful to walk, also i'm being kept up at night because i'm itchy. You might not go over or bubs might come on their own bef...

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