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Hi there Amber, I have two girls there names are Breeanna Kate ( Kate after me) but she gets called Bree most of the time, and Gemma Grace. If we had a boy he was going to be Mitchell Robert ( Rob...

Wednesday 11 April 09:32am

Trey replied to topic Kaity?

Hi there. That's a bugger if MOL is known as Kate. My name is Kate and i still have to spell it to people. Everyone asks these days if it's with a K or a C. Damn Cate Blanchett. If you are going to...

Friday 06 April 05:26pm

Trey replied to topic What do you all think of Chayce???

Not a big fan of Chayce, but i love your son's name Jye!! That's another one for my future boys list. Thanks and goodluck.

Friday 06 April 05:23pm

Trey replied to topic We've decided. What do you think?

Sorry i think i am in the same boat as the last two posts. I can't get my head around how to pronounce it. Good on you for choosing something that you made up though. Alot of people wouldn't have t...

Friday 06 April 05:13pm

Trey replied to topic Name Change ... So Late???

Emily gets my vote. Goodluck

Wednesday 04 April 02:19pm

Trey replied to topic Abigail?

I love the name name Abby, but am not a big fan of Abigail. Our surname is Gale so we couldn't have Abby for obvious reasons. Abigail Skye runs quiet well together, it just depends on what your su...

Wednesday 04 April 02:17pm

Trey replied to topic Whats ur opinion?

My girlfriend has a little boy named Jett. I hated it to start with, but it soon grew on me. I have heard a few others since though. Nathan Buckley from Collingwood Footy Club just called his son J...

Tuesday 03 April 03:40pm

Trey replied to topic Abbey Rose

I love the name Abbey Rose. It is such a pretty name.

Saturday 31 March 01:15pm

Trey replied to topic Cant decide!

Hi there, I would have to say Makayla Bree. (My daughter is Bree!) and Mitchell David. Be a traditionalist and stick with your names as middle names. We had Mitchell picked for a boys name. I love...

Saturday 31 March 01:12pm

Trey replied to topic Matilda?

It sounds nice and runs together quiet well. I suppose it all depends on your surname, to see if it all sounds good put together. I do like the name Matilda though! Goodluck.

Saturday 31 March 01:06pm

Trey replied to topic Unexpected Delivery of.........

Well Done!! Welcome to the world little one. Hope you are all settling in at home ok.

Wednesday 28 March 10:19am

Trey replied to topic Honest opinion- MILO

Not a big fan sorry. If you love it though, go for it. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks!!! Not long to go now. Goodluck.

Wednesday 28 March 10:17am

Trey replied to topic Lee Matthew or Lee Daniel???

Hi Proud Mummy, I don't think Lee is too boring. You go with what you like. Any luck with coming up with another middle name yet?? I've been thinking for you,but nothing else yet.

Thursday 15 March 04:57pm

Trey replied to topic Annika Jane

Congratulations!! She sounds absaloutely adorable. Hope all is going well. Goodluck!

Wednesday 14 March 07:04pm

Trey replied to topic Welcome Jack Peter

Congrats on the arrival of you little boy. Another 9 pounder!! Go the big babies. I hope he is settling in at home alright and mum is getting plenty of rest. Enjoy your new little treasure.

Tuesday 13 March 09:12am

Trey replied to topic Lee Matthew or Lee Daniel???

Hi there, Lee Matthew reminds me of the Brisbane Lions Footy coach Leigh Matthews. Don't know if that has any relevance to you but in my family the poor little thing would be picked on. (Essendon f...

Tuesday 13 March 09:10am

Trey replied to topic Ella or Lacey

Yep i have to agree with everybody else. "Lacey Ella" It sounds better when you say it. Goodluck!

Monday 12 March 03:20pm

Trey replied to topic anyone had their waters broken to induce labour?

i too had a rather large baby for my first and felt exactly the same as you are. I was terrified if i went full term that it would be huge!!!! I asked the doctor to induce me at my 39 week check. H...

Saturday 10 March 09:42am

Trey replied to topic A Middle Name for Chloe

Have to agree with Sarah. I think Chloe Grace goes together. I am a bit biased though, my 2nd daughters middle name is Grace. Goodluck

Thursday 08 March 03:20pm

Trey replied to topic Rocky?

Hi Angel, everytime i get on the huggies web site i go straight to your forums. You come up with the most unusual names, but for some strange reason i like them! I agree i like Ryder and Ned better...

Wednesday 07 March 11:26am
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