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rachella replied to topic Heinz formula????

I know that every formuls needs to meet Aust standards but they all seem to be different! I guess every child is different too. My nephew developed a rash after being put on Heinz and my other ne...

Saturday 10 January 11:22pm

rachella replied to topic Heating Bottles

Heating times in microwaves depend on volume of milk, temp of milk (whether its been in the fridge, or has just been made up) and microwave wattage. Generally for around 180 - 200 ml try heating f...

Saturday 10 January 11:15pm

rachella replied to topic Illness disrupted routine

Hi, I think the suction thing Mary mentioned may be a nasal aspirator, which are a little hard to find, but your chemist or baby store should be able to order you one in. They are only about $3 - ...

Monday 13 October 11:05am

rachella replied to topic Baby turning onto belly during night sleep.

My little girl started rolling onto her tum at about the same age. I called the SIDS hotline for advice and was told that the peak times for SIDS are between 3 and 6 months and to just roll her ba...

Monday 13 October 10:55am

rachella replied to topic when will she get teeth????

My little girl cut her first two teenth 2 weeks ago! I was so sick of people telling me she was 'teething' from about 3 months, because of her red cheeks and dribbling. When she actually did cut t...

Monday 13 October 10:34am

rachella replied to topic Baby monitor

Hi Pina, I bought an Angelcare monitor also and wouldn't feel comfortable without it. They are more expensive ( about $180-$200) but the breathing alarm went off once with our little girl and it b...

Monday 13 October 10:23am
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