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mumbec replied to topic any1's baby born around or on april 11th, 03?

Hey All, My son was born on 29th March 2003, he was 9lbs 1oz, 50cms long. He is my first but we are thinking of having another within the next 12mths. Love to chat [email protected] Bec

Monday 05 April 02:43pm

mumbec replied to topic Looking for a friend to talk to.

Hey Amanda, My name is Bec, I'm 21yo and I live in Oxley on the west side of brizzy. I have a 11 month old boy Jay, he's so cute and loves to play with others. I'm in the same situation except I ha...

Thursday 19 February 04:50pm

mumbec replied to topic childs themed party

Hi tracey I agree about not wanting to have mcdonalds parties and that alike i just think it's sad. But I would suggest that you pick a character such as faries or princesses or even pooh bear, wha...

Thursday 22 January 01:47pm

mumbec replied to topic My baby's a pig!

Hey all yes there are litle piggies out there my now 10mth old son is an absolute guts. I started him on mushed apple at 8weeks cos my milk was not sustaining him and that was at 2hr feeds. since t...

Thursday 22 January 01:41pm

mumbec replied to topic Mother of 4 and expecting my 5th

Hi ruvay, Where in brisbane do you live? About the extreme tiredness there is really only one way to get rid of it and that is to rest. I'm sure like us all you have had people say I'll babysit fo...

Thursday 22 January 01:22pm

mumbec replied to topic New Member

Hey possum great to hear from you i'm in oxley and would love to chat i'm a 21yr old mum of one Jay 10mths. my email is [email protected] i have messenger as well so come and chat. I'm online...

Thursday 22 January 12:36pm

mumbec replied to topic Is there any mummies around the Forest Lake Area

Hey Everyone I'm Bec, 21 with 10 mth old boy and I live in oxley so it seems we're all around the same areas. If anyone is interested in getting together or just wanting a chat please email me and ...

Monday 19 January 05:22am

mumbec replied to topic Young Mums

Hi Melanie, My name is Bec I'm 21 and I hava a 10 month old boy, Jay. I live in brisbane also, in oxley. I would love to chat and get to know more young mums in brissy. email me [email protected]

Monday 19 January 05:15am

mumbec replied to topic Getting back in shape with baby.

Hi I'm a mum of one 10 month old and if there are any mums out there that would like to join me in a walking/swimming group for the mums who want to loose those kilos please let me know. I'm 21, cu...

Monday 19 January 04:54am

mumbec started new topic wanting to meet other mums

Hi everyone, I'm a 21 yr old mum of one, 9 month old Jay. He's so cute and energetic. I am wanting to meet new and experienced mums for playgroups, coffee, outings, or just email chats. I'm on the ...

Wednesday 31 December 05:28pm
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